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Funny ad about crook who gets scared away from car by the home wireless security camera
Dubai, UAE: Sony is showcasing its intelligent, Internet based surveillance system at the InterSec security exhibition currently taking place in Dubai. The system features the world’s first video camera that has an internal image processor that can distinguish between human movement and still backgrounds or natural movements, such as swaying trees or splashing fountains.

The video wireless security camera software is part of Sony’s overall Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture (DEPA) which includes award winning RealShot Manager 4.0.


 This software automatically analyses video streams and proactively alerts security staff to potential threats. The system can also detect objects that appear in a scene, such as unattended baggage that could represent a terrorist threat, as well as objects that disappear, like a painting stolen from an art gallery. Such occurrences can also be preset to automatically activate appropriate alarm or containment procedures.

“Locating the intelligence in the camera reduces the demand for bandwidth and focuses the attention of security staff onto areas of potential threat,” said Simon Nash, European Product Manager, Network Video Monitoring, Sony Europe.


Not recording static scenes means less human monitoring is required and less hard disc memory for video storage. Efficiency is further enhanced by a dual streaming option for transmitting a high resolution stream for local viewing as well as a low resolution recording for remote storage. A Day/Night function ensures a minimum illumination of 0.04 Lux even in low visibility.

The intelligent SNC camera comes in a variety of mounting and installation configurations including Pan/Tilt/Zoom options as well as a 360 degree endless rotation dome camera. It supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) which requires just one cable for both power and data transmission and significantly reduces installation costs. It also features an anti tampering function, wireless and multicasting capabilities, IP filtering, bi-directional audio and simultaneous access for up to 20 users.

“The reduced number of security monitoring personnel required and reduced bandwidth and memory needed – at the same time as enhanced security features such as automated alarm options – make DAPA the most advanced video security system in the world today,” Nash stated.

About Sony Professional Solutions

Sony Professional Solutions (SPS) is a division of the world famous consumer electronics manufacturer of high quality audio, video, communications and IT products. SPS is a leading supplier of advanced communications, AV/IT, and magnetic and optical storage, as well as professional components such as camera sensors and modules, displays, batteries and semiconductors.


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