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Hacker Removes Copy Limits From Netflix hack Movie Downloads

Los Gatos, CA (AHN) - Hackers have found a way to bypass technology stopping people from saving Netflix new movies streamed to PCs. However, the hack doesn't disable a time-limit in the company's Watch Now service.

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Netflix hack - Fairuse4WMReportedly, the hacker dubbed "Dizzie" outlines a 14-step procedure that removes Microsoft's digital rights management (DRM) technique for controlling how many times a file can be copied. Hacker-created software FairUse4WM strips the DRM.

Article found at  © AHN by Ed Sutherland - AHN  Thu, 09 Aug 2007

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Netflix DRM Cracked with FairUse4WM

By Nate Mook, found at BetaNews August 9, 2007, 10:08 AM

FairUse4WM, a program that strips the copyright protection from Windows Media audio and video files, continues to be a thorn in Microsoft's side. An individual has now posted detailed instructions on how to bypass the DRM in Netflix's movie streams, making it so customers can download and share the films.

With the latest update to FairUse4WM, which came in mid-July, it was only a matter of time before new targets were discovered. Last month, users of the application confirmed that it was possible to remove the latest copy protection from songs available on MTV's URGE and Yahoo! Music Unlimited.

The affect on Netflix is perhaps more damaging, however, because the company makes available full-length streaming movies at no cost to paying subscribers. With Microsoft's Windows Media DRM, Netflix is able to prevent customers from saving the movies to their computers, or sharing them with others. Movie downloads from Zongo are also reportedly open to the crack.

According to a post on the Rota forums by a user named "DIzzIE," the process to remove that DRM is not complicated, but requires a number of steps. Even if the method appeals only to experienced computer users, it only takes one to upload the movie to the Internet via BitTorrent or another file sharing mechanism.

Not long after the instructions were posted publicly, Netflix updated its DRM to the latest Windows Media Individualized Blackbox components. But as noted in mid-July, those IBX components were already cracked with an update to FairUse4WM.

Still, "DIzzIE" warns those who may be considering doing more than keeping the DRM-free Netflix movies for their own use. "And lest you’re all too ready to start making torrents of the flicks, keep in mind that there have been some rumours about Netflix putting in uniquely identifying watermarks into the video files," he writes.

It's not yet clear how Microsoft will respond to this latest news. Updating its DRM, while possible, is a complex process that requires coordination with all companies using Windows Media - and only furthers the cat-and-mouse game with crackers. In addition, customers must upgrade their playback software as well.

The Redmond company previously filed suit against 10 "John Does" related to FairUse4WM, but dropped the case when it could not identify any actual individuals. Microsoft claims that stolen source code was used to make corrections to FairUse4WM, a charge that creator "viodentia" disputed in public statements.

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By shelleyp Aug 11, 2007 Several of the movies and shows at Netflix have been pulled since this story. What's happened is rather than 'open' the movies to all uses, this 'hack' has basically closed down much of this offering for those of us who streamed the movies to our televisions.

With more help like this, I expect we'll eventually see the death of downloadable content.

By cousinkix1953 NETFLIX still sends regular DVDs in the mail to its members homes. We have software that can by-pass the DRM copy protection in those discs. Its easier to burn these if you want a personal copy for your film library. Pirates can convert them to compressed formats often found on the internet.

So why bother downloading the lossy streams in the first place?

by mrow posted Aug 10, 2007 I wouldn't worry about Netflix. They're not at fault here. It is Microsoft, the DRM industry as a whole and the entertainment industry as well for not understanding that DRM is worthless and doesn't do anything to prevent commercial piracy, which is their whole intent for developing and using this...All DRM does is hinder honest people from exercising their fair use rights. An average Joe can't make a backup of his new DVD, which he is legally allowed to do, because of DRM while pirates will just use tools like this, strip the DRM from it, and then share it on the internet or sell it on the street corner. All the does is make the average person want skip buying the genuine thing because the pirated version will allow him to make that backup copy or otherwise use it as he sees fit.

I do agree that thieves ruin it for everyone else. But at some point you have to accept the fact that it's a battle you are not going to win....

The teams of people working to crack these clearly far more cunning than any of the people designing these DRM schemes. It took three years to crack the DVD DRM. It took only a few months to crack the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD DRM. How long do you think it will take to crack the next thing they come up with? Additionally, I'd love it if you could point out a copy protection system that has so far been unable to be circumvented

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