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YouTube crosses 100 million viewer mark

Posted by Brier Dudley found at March 4, 2009

Who knows if it will ever be profitable for Google, but YouTube's numbers are amazing.

This afternoon, comScore reported that the Youtube video service crossed the 100 million viewer mark in January 2009.

The research firm estimated that 76.8 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience watched Web videos in January. The average viewer watched about six hours of online video during the month, up 15 percent from December.

Averages seem a little dicey here, though, because they're probably skewed by a smaller set of avid viewers.

In total, U.S. residents watched 14.8 billion online videos during the month, up 4 percent from December. YouTube accounted for 91 percent of the monthly gain, comScore said.

The release said 100 million viewers watched 6.3 billion videos on YouTube during the month, or 62.6 apiece. MySpace drew 54.1 million viewers who watched 473 million clips, or 8.7 videos apiece.

Could there be a connection with the surge in unemployment?

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