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 The Hangover (R-Rated Single-Disc Edition)The Hangover (R-Rated Single-Disc Edition)

If you like your humor broadside up, hold the subtlety, you'll want to nurse this Hangover with your best buds.

'Furry Vengeance' mines what kids find funny

'Furry Vengeance" is one of those kid movies that can divide families. Your child will find the potty jokes and slapstick hilarious, and you'll sit there adding seeing this film to that list of sacrifices you'll remind said child of when he gets older.

So, yes it's very much a kid's movie, a juvenile one that makes an earnest attempt to offer an ecological message.

Brendan Fraser plays Dan, a well-meaning developer who has moved with his wife (Brooke Shields) and his teen son (Matt Prokop) to a new subdivision being hacked out of a beautiful forest. Dan works for a "green" firm and thinks of himself as eco-friendly. To its credit, the film touches on, but doesn't develop, the increasingly common Dan type: people who are superficially eco-friendly. They drive a Prius and drink fair trade coffee, but heaven forbid some animal invade their perfect gardens

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