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Life Is Worth Losing would be fun film if it wasn't so real, see the clip

dinner for one, très drôle !! This oldy film clip is shown every year around Christmas on the German Television, very funny.

Perfect actors, seven minutes of laugh don't miss this dinner for one, simple and effective slapstick.


Obesity is fast on its way to becoming the nation’s largest and most costly public health problem. While much of the public debate about obesity has focused on personal responsibility, PETER JENNINGS REPORTING: HOW TO GET FAT WITHOUT EVEN TRYING reveals how federal government agricultural policies and food industry practices are contributing to America’s growing obesity epidemic.

You tobe: Kids’ Top 10 Web searches? Se*x and P%rn of course! you to be alone ...

negro in space funny clip

Obama Wassup video a very funny video clip (middle of page) and good explanations about web2.0 strategies of his web site

Shortly before Christmas, a movie will enter theatres hoping to achieve two things: 1. Make you laugh and 2. Make you laugh at another movie's expense.

See our selection of Youtube Spoofs funny Movies

youtube spoofs

Simon Pegg (left) and Nick Frost spoof action movies in this year's fast-paced Hot Fuzz.

Smosh stranded

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Smosh stranded on !

and LisaNova Kidnaps Perez Hilton. A man finds himself stranded on an island.

funny clip art intellectual woman and a selection of funny film clips woman related

MySpace is celebrating the first anniversary of MySpace Comedy, a community for comedians to reach fans and share their talent.

YouTube - Battle of The Bands   won Webby awards

Funny Submissive Jesus clip

Electrolux suicide movie , not so funny ..

Happy Easter. Slow down and smile, you’re on ‘Candid Camera?’

Dragnet- The big Show Sgt. Joe Friday and Officer Frank Smith #2 are called in when a 7-week old baby is found abandoned in a bus station, whose mother then attempts to lead them up the river of denial, denial, denial.

Tampons...short female comedic monologuesThe Transforming Power of Theater Forces Difficult short female comedic monologues Questions funny clips

crazy bride goes crazy and hacks hair off in youtube video

38 weeks belly

This or That!: Contestant Auditions do their "best orgasm impression".

ringu scareringu scare movie spoof

1 min - Sep 23, 2006 - small full starsmall full starsmall full starsmall full starsmall full star  The Japanese decided to pull a prank on some freaked out girls while watching Ringu . LOL .

PS3 vs WiiPS3 Vs. Wii  1 min

Pixar sexy lamps The little lamp discovers there's more to life than just chasing balls!!

magic spoof

Daniel Chesterfield Magic Spoof. This David Copperfield impersonator uses magic on everyday objects. ...

Shakira dance teacher: The Shakira dance phenomenon…how much has she influenced oriental dance teachers in the west?

A lot. Oriental dance is becoming more and more popular in the west all the time. I think this is due to two things: natural relaxation, yoga, oriental philosophy and all that, and Shakira. She is technically very good, and mixes oriental dance with pop in a beautiful way, although pop is different. 

the Shakira video spoof, is hilarious 

... spanish final. Which just happens to be a hilarious, yet disturbing, Shakira spoof. Shakira - Ryan Gangsters - Sal, Matt Directed/Filmed/Edited - ...
Tom - 3 min - Jun 17, 2006
small full starsmall full starsmall full starsmall full starsmall half star (31723 ratings)

Jerry Lewis Frozen Peas, listen to this funny mp3

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