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DVD Review: Borat

Written by Matt Paprocki Published March 09, 2007 found at


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Funny, depressing, and consistently offensive, Borat is soon to be a classic comedy. Itís a film that has no boundaries and little care for political correctness. In todayís climate, thatís exactly what movie audiences need.

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For a comedy, thereís definitely a sharp eye for some of Americaís downfalls. A gun dealer has no problem letting Borat handle a gun after explicitly asking if itís good to kill Jews. A rodeo owner discusses how all gays should be hung. An entire crowd of eager onlookers cheers as Borat praises ďAmericaís war OF terror.Ē These depressing looks at American society strangely fit in with Boratís antics, giving the audience a few minutes to breathe before more hilarity ensues.

Nearly every segment works as Sacha Baron Cohenís character travels the country in search of Pamela Anderson, all while filming a ďdocumentaryĒ about America for his impossible to spell country, Kazakhstan. He meets all kinds of Americans: those who threaten him, those who enjoy his company, and a few who arrest him.

Borat earns its hard R rating in ways that are barely appropriate for publication. Donít let the thought of a naked fat man sitting on the face of a naked skinny man scare you off. Itís the best scene in the movie, despite the rather torturous lingering memories when the film is over.


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The film is brilliant as clueless people have no idea theyíre being duped, and Cohen is well aware that his actions are outrageously offensive. Everyone gets their moment, whether they're religious, a politician, gay, mentally handicapped, or an average American. With some of the reactions, itís hard to say any of these people didnít have it coming.

Borat is one of those rare comedies that can inflict actual pain on the viewer. Thereís little time to breathe or calm down. Youíre constantly laughing to the point of physical exhaustion. Aside from a slight calming down period in the final half hour, Borat is perfect.

Video quality is all over the place depending on the source. At its best, this is a sharp, clean transfer, marred by some unsightly compression artifacts in the backdrops. At its worst, itís transferred from a VHS master. Itís not a film looking to win an award for the video presentation, so the uglier moments are hardly distracting.

Likewise, audio goes untouched. Itís powered entirely by the front channels, and aside from the soundtrack, the rear speakers find no work. Also, bass is understandably non-existent. Dialogue is thankfully clear to help the thick accent of Borat remain understandable throughout.

Borat comes on a DVD made to look like a cheap bootleg, certainly something thatís bound to fool a few buyers. Extras are slim on this disc, and itís screaming for a Cohen commentary on how many of these scenes come together. The best portion of the disc consists of eight deleted scenes, each ready for inclusion in the film aside from the grocery store scene, which goes on far too long for its own good.

The section titled "Propaganda" is a collection of clips from live, in-character appearances of Borat from premieres to live TV. The Tonight Show clip with Martha Stewart is the highlight of this 16-minute piece. A parody promo for a soundtrack and trailers are the final set of extras.

Cohen had the authorities called on him 91 times during the filming of the movie according to Internet Movie Database. The DVD contains a few clips of him being pulled over, in one case under rather harsh consequences by the White House. Amazingly, Cohen never comes close to breaking character, keeping the accent and humor flowing. A full feature on his dealings with the law during filming would make a fantastic extra.
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