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Kiwis One Step From a Rock and Roll Kickstart Film Clip Art

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Auckland, 16 March 2007 – Winning bands from Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth today go up against each other in the rock and roll fight for a kickstart in the music industry. The overall winner will be announced on March 29 and will take home a whopping $22k cash and their video clip rotated on MTV New Zealand & Australia and played during the 2007 MTV Australia Video Music Awards to a potential world wide audience of 1.8 billion people.

Press Release March 16, 2007 found at 

Kiwi Finalists One Step Away From a Rock and Roll Free Film Kickstart with MTV

Each finalist will be posted on the MTV Kickstart website where people can help get kiwi finalists The Dukes from Christchurch the Kickstart they deserve by voting for them online against the Aussies at  . Voting commences March 16, 2007 and closes March 22, 2007.

MTV Australia Video Music Awards

The initiative set up by MTV and supported by, 95bFM and the Groove Guide, will literally help aspiring and independent artists get a ‘Kickstart’ in the industry by giving them all the tools necessary to break into the music world on a local and international platform via the 2007 MTV Australia Video Music Awards, due to air Friday, May 4.

“The caliber of talent we have seen has been astounding.” says Colin Blake Marketing Director for MTV Networks Australia. “We were really hoping to find a local talent to showcase to our other international territories through the 2007 MTV Australia Video Music Awards and I think any of the 6 Finalists would make us proud.”

In just under 4 weeks the ‘kickstart’ initiative attracted almost 800 entries from all over New Zealand and Australia with the winners’ from each judged by a mix of Street Press Editors, local radio presenters, MTV Networks Executives and top musicians such as Damian Alexander from Blindspott, Adam Sparks from Birds of Tokyo, Andrew Strachan from the Living End and Peter Hume from Evermore.

To view the finalists go to 

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