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Broomfield, CO (OPENPRESS) August 15, 2011 - A fulfilling medical and health care profession, the Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA career essentially requires one to assist patients with activities of daily living or ADLs. These pertain to self-care tasks that include personal hygiene and bathing, dressing and undressing, eating functional transfers, using the bathroom, and walking with or without assistance. CNA professionals can also collect bodily fluid specimens, take vital signs, and help with dietary planning.

People who are weighing their options about pursuing their career as Certified Nursing Assistants can turn to for comprehensive information. Detailing the CNA job description, the website assists people researching the facts on how to become a CNA.

According to CNAs typically help seniors, people with disabilities, as well as rehabilitation patients in nursing homes and hospitals under the supervision of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. As such, CNAs must be able to work with a team of medical professionals and follow supervisor instructions.

free cna training opportunities adds that while professional skills are highly required in the job, key personality traits are indispensable that fit well with the client populations that they serve. A friendly and caring attitude about helping others, independence and respect for patients, and adherence to maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality of medical information are essential. In addition, CNAs are required to be good communicators and be in good shape so they can physically assist patients.

In terms of CNA training, emphasizes that CNA certifications are required by individual states after having completed a CNA training program or graduated from a nursing education program. For interested people, the website provides a listing of schools that offer the right CNA training. reports that in 2008, there were approximately 1.5 million CNAs in the United States, with experts forecasting higher than average job growth. The certified nurse assistant salary ranges from $25,000 to $28,000, depending on one's region. A salary calculator is found at to help individuals estimate their earnings should they decide to pursue the career.

CNA hopefuls looking for free information can visit for valuable help in deciding to choose the career path.

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