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BIRMINGHAM — Baldwin Public Library members don’t even have to leave their homes anymore to check out the latest DVDs.

Thanks to a new video-on-demand service called MyLibraryDV, library members can access hundreds of hours of DVD-quality programming and download them onto their home computers —?for free.

“We have such space limitations at Baldwin that we’re always looking for ways to expand our collection without physically having to.

By Mary Beth Almond found at  C & G  Aug 8, 2007 This was a way to really serve the film-buff niche market and also the popular-film market in a way that for us is fairly affordable, but more importantly, doesn’t require a physical footprint within the building,” said Executive Director for the Baldwin Public Library Marti Custer.

Baldwin currently has 450 titles in its MyLibraryDV collection including cooking with “America’s Test Kitchen,” travel with “Rick Steve’s Europe,” programs such as “Antiques Roadshow,” classic and independent films, health programs and more.

Custer said the library will be adding 450 more titles to the collection in the “Hollywood Favorites” section of MyLibraryDV in early September.

“These would be more recent Hollywood movies —?not your new releases, but things that were maybe popular a year or two ago, such as ‘The Constant Gardener.’ All of this is available at no extra charge to our resident cardholders in Birmingham, Beverly Hills and Bingham Farms,” she said.

The date has not yet been announced for the third phase of the project, which will bring 450 more new release titles to the collection. Custer said titles will not be archived, but instead will be available for a certain amount of time —?much like an HBO special.

MyLibraryDV was installed early this summer, and Custer said about 200 library members have already accessed it.

While planning a trip to Ireland, Denise Konchel, assistant head of adult services, decided to try the program out after noticing some travel programs on the site.

“As a user, I am really thrilled with the project for its ease of use and for the variety of material that they offer,” she said. “… It’s extremely simple to download, and it puts an icon right on the desktop so the user can just click on it and get access. I was able to watch four of five different programs on Ireland, which were about 30 minutes each, and they were really helpful.”

Library members can download up to 10 programs at any given time,?as long as there is space in their computer’s hard drive, and each program will be automatically deleted after the seven-day checkout period is up.

Konchel thinks it’s really important for libraries to offer a wide variety of materials.

“It really helps add to the library’s collection. If we have materials checked out and a patron comes in looking for travel information for a trip that they might be taking, but our books happen to be checked out on that particular topic, we have material that we can tell them about to use,” she said.

Custer also said Baldwin is constantly trying to keep up with changes in technology by offering its customers the latest innovations.

“When we surveyed our customers, one of the things that they told us was that people in Birmingham are very busy. They all have extremely hectic schedules, both adults and children, and this is a way that we can provide library services to them without them actually having to physically come into the library,” she said.

For more information or to figure out what software is required to access the program, visit www.baldwinlibrary.or  and click on the MyLibraryDV icon. A library card is required for access.

You can reach Mary Beth Almond at or at (586) 498-1060.

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