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 IT IS the ultimate challenge for visitors to the Edinburgh fringe — sorting the artistic gems from the turkeys on the programme, writes Karin Goodwin. 

Now a Scots businesswoman is offering a solution with a “try before you buy” website aimed at novice festival-goers.

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Liz MacIntosh’s  website features two-minute clips from a range of performers that can be downloaded at the click of a mouse. 

The site features trailers for comedy shows, theatre productions, music and dance as well as descriptions, reviews and links to the box office. 


I Dare Ya

levene clip
The Jon Levene Show

film clipsGuantanamo Years

Neel de Jong


“I’ve always loved the festival and I thought it would be a great way of making it easier for the public to choose which shows they want to see,” said MacIntosh, who recently completed a business degree at Edinburgh’s Napier University. 

“Often shows receive mixed reviews and it can be difficult for people to decide which performances they want to see based on someone else’s opinion. This helps empower the public. At the same time it helps performers to promote their shows.”

 In recent years promoters have complained that festival-goers are increasingly reluctant to pay the standard £10 ticket price for an hour’s worth of entertainment from an unknown, and potentially excruciating, performer. 

Daunted by the number of shows listed, many stick to well-known venues such as the Assembly Rooms, the Pleasance, the Gilded Balloon and the Traverse Theatre. 

Richard Demarco, the Edinburgh arts impresario and fringe veteran who runs Rocket productions at the Roxy Art House, said he hoped the preview site would boost sales for offbeat shows. 

“I like the idea. It’s very typical of the age,” he said. “I think it will encourage audiences to have more confidence when buying tickets. But I would also encourage people to trust themselves and choose shows using their intuition.” 

However, James Lark, author of guide book The Fringe: Seeing It, Doing It, Surviving It, said he believed that the big budget shows would still have an advantage. “My concern is that many videos from some big names who have the budget and the publicity machine behind them are going to look a lot better than the unknown performers who could still be well worth seeing,” he said. 

“Some of the best shows are actually the ones in tiny venues, the ones that you have to take a risk on, and are unexpectedly brilliant.”

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