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by David Norden, April 27, 2012

Note: this is about a new tool I use

My name is David the owner of Film .

It is already a few years I am doing this site, and searching for good solutions to be able to see as many films and movies ad humanly possible, and be able to review them on this site (Like Shame  ).

First it was quite expensive to go look at 4 or five movies every week, and I needed a cheaper solution.

I used many systems to discover and see the last movies to do my reviews but at this moment I found one site I am sticking with, you can check it out at  and I am going to show you how I use it to watch movies before they come out in 3 simple steps.

This works with 95% of all movies coming out within the next few months. For Example I just saw recent movies like Shame, Blue Romance, Inception, Shutter Island, Case 39, I love You Beth Cooper, Wolf , Edge of Darkness , etc... and the one I preferred viewing on my computer was Shame  -really good movie about a sex addict-, I branded some of the lesser hot subjects on DVD to watch on TV with my 12 years old daughter Zazie like the last Twilight Breaking Dawn

I enjoy all these movies here in Belgium often even before they are released . This helps me to make my reviews here at . Business calling :-) You get the point.

How Is this possible?

This is possible since movie companies give employees the movies before they come out, and a lot of those employees sell the copies to companies with huge movie servers - guess it makes them so pocket money...

If the movie got leaked why isn’t it all over the internet?

The programs that contain leaked movies are highly secured in order for hackers not to release the movies all over the internet. Therefore, once you download any movie it can only be viewed in your computer.

NOTE: the instructions below are a bit dated and are about the previous version, the download movies site got a revamp, and it is een an easier installation


Follow the step by step instructions on how to watch movies before they come out.

1. Go HERE to and click on: Get Instant Access >>

Note: this is one of the companies which buy movies before they come out.


2. Once you click on Get Instant Access it will take you to the registration part, you must register to proceed to the final step and be able to download movies.

Memberships Now Available For a Limited Time. Join Now and Enjoy 2 Years Of Movie Downloads Without Any Per Title Fee Or Any Other Additional Fee I recommend the VIP 2 Years of Unlimited Movies($39.95)

3. Once you buy a membership from you'll get access to their server, search for any movie you want and enjoy as much movies you want

4. As a bonus you'll get full access to the 45,000 Ebooks and Audio Books archive

>> note also the option to get access to 3,600 live TV channels and live Sport game streams in HD from behind your computer for a low one-time fee. is really easy to use with good quality movies as a result .

ATTENTION: The actual site looks like this:

download movies

Again, click HERE to sign up click on GET ACCESS and start to stream or download movies in three little steps.

Stream Or Download Movies Straight To Your PC/Laptop.


Wow, I am having so much fun inside your members area! This is awesome, high
speed downloads, DVD quality movies
and cartoons,I really like this service! moviescapital really rocks!"

  - Jim Stephy USA


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