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Savings may be lurking in dated insurance policies

When was the last time you had your insurance reviewed?

If you can't remember, you might be losing out on some major savings.

My husband and I have had the same home and auto insurance provider for more than 30 years. You would think that as longtime customers we would have earned the best rates available. Think again.


Last summer, our youngest son's friend, Tim, asked if he could quote our insurance business. We told Tim that he could do the exercise but he wouldn't be able to beat our rates. We thought it would be a good experience for him to see how hard it would be to compete.

We had one condition: We wouldn't have to do anything. He would have to do all the homework. His findings:

  Our home insurance was quoted based on having a sprinkler system, which we do not have. We have lived in this house for 17 years. If we had a fire, we could have had the claim denied even though we had paid premiums for it forever.

  Our car insurance had us commuting to work every day, but we work from home.

  We were not getting all of the multiple-policy discounts for which we were eligible. It seems it is a "If they don't ask, don't give them the discount" kind of world.

All in all, Tim saved us from $4,000 to $5,000 on our home and car insurance. How much money have we wasted over the years because we didn't make the call?


When was the last time you reviewed your policies? Make the call. You may be surprised by how much it may save you.


Paradise Valley resident Sharon Lechter is a member of the President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, founder and CEO of Pay Your Family First and co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This story appears in the August/September issue of Arizona Woman. Pick up a free copy of the magazine at AJ's Fine Foods or Safeway. For a complimentary subscription, sign up at

Savvy consumers are logging onto sites such as for instant rate comparisons from multiple leading companies including Progressive, Unitrin, Infinity and more, instead of calling or visiting company websites individually. As a one-stop-shop, visitors also have instant access to learning tools such as coverage details, glossary, definitions, help choosing the right protection, and helpful auto insurance articles and guides.

Consumers now have access to sufficient information for the purpose of completing adequate research before committing to the important financial decision of buying a policy. In previous years, this privilege did not exist and led to dissatisfaction as a result of being misinformed by savvy salesmen who were looking to make a quick buck.


see a video film clip about how to compare auto insurance quotes:



By completing a rate comparison, consumers also increase their chances of finding affordable rates; instead of settling for one of two quotations which may be relatively high when compared to others. For example consumers shopping for California auto insurance reduced premiums by an average of $451 annually. Since company rates may vary widely, even for the same coverage, many government issued consumer guides suggest that drivers compare premiums from a variety of carriers. Narrowing down the choices is made simpler when quotes and other information is provided instantly.


Don't forget to consider factors other than just price when completing comparisons. Take a look at important factors such as coverage availability, payment plan options, brand and other things you feel are important. Make sure that any questions you may have are fully answered. Remember that clearing up a concern is just an email or call away.


-- Personal information such as social security or driver license numbers are not required;
-- Rate comparisons involve no cost or obligations.

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