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Range of DVD's

Monthly Price
$9.99 - 1 DVD
$14.99 - 2 DVD's
$17.99 - 3 DVD's

Free Trial Period
14 days

Av Rating (898 votes)


"Blockbuster's Total Access plans have some nice perks (free in-store rentals and the ability to return movies at local stores) for cinephiles who prefer to mix Web ordering with real-world aisle-browsing, but those advantages come with the same old video-store caveats (in-store rentals are subject to late fees and must be returned to the store rather than mailed) that drove many people to online rental plans in the first place." (found at reviews.cnet )

As a rental service it is okay however it is rather expensive but they do have a great range of DVD's and many copies of one DVD so it's good for those titles which have just been released. ( viking06 on 11th Mar 2007

WL from Florida on 2008-03-19 Rates them:
Still satisfied with Blockbuster Online, overall quick turnaround time. My only complaints are that they do not ship on weekends, and they do not notify you when they have increased your monthly rate.

szeth from pueblo co on 2008-02-22 Rates them:
Not sure why so many bad revies but I think Blockbuster online is awesome. I always have a movie to watch and we watch alot. They did up there prices but it is still worth it if you watch alot of movies.

Alex from Dallas, TX on 2008-02-22 Rates them:
I love Blockbuster Online! I really don't understand the negative reviews. I get my movies quickly, they have a great selection, the website is easy to use, and I pay 19.99 for 3 DVDs at a time, unlimited exchanges, and a coupon each month. I get a new movie every day.

I have had a few issues such as scratched DVDs or the wrong DVD being shipped (I'd say about 1 in 50 mailings) but as soon as you report the issue, they immediately offer to ship either the same movie or the next item in your queue.

I don't really see how this service could be any better. (last three comments found at )


Description: BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™, the convenient, flexible way to rent DVDs online, with over 90,000 titles to chose from!

BLOCKBUSTER Total Access gives the convenience of renting movies online with a choice of how to return them: send them back by mail or exchange them for new movies or discounted game rentals at participating BLOCKBUSTER® stores (up to plan limits on exchanges).

Why become a BLOCKBUSTER Total Access  client?
    • The first month is only $9.99, a 50% savings from the regular $19.99
    • 3 DVDs out at a time, with up to 5 in-store exchanges per month
    • Rent online from over 90,000 titles, with no due dates or late fees
    • Free shipping

Rent Movies from Delivered Direct To Your Mailbox.

BlockBuster Details & full review

  General Overview:
BlockBuster is primarily a online DVD rental store, but has recently expanded it's operations to include a wide range of game titles. A BlockBuster subscription is ideal for someone who is planning on renting DVDs as well as games. BlockBuster has one of the largest selections of DVDs online and now boasts over 2,500 game titles.

BlockBuster is a large company, which means they have plenty of money to spend on website design and development and it shows when you use their video game and DVD ordering system. BlockBuster's system is on par with GameFly, the best designed systems.

BlockBuster are currently running a special offer for the first month for just $9.95.

Console Support:
Gaming consoles covered include: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Xbox 360.

Shipping Details:

 shipping was about fast with games coming in about 1-2 days. BlockBuster has shipping locations all over the US so shipping should be above average to most US locations.


Good Points:
BlockBusters website, delivery times and customer service is very good. For a large company, they go to great lengths to look after their subscribers.

Bad Points:
BlockBuster's main problem is you can't bundle together a gaming and DVD package. I thought this would be just common sense. This might suit some gamers, but if you were going to become a subscriber wouldn't you like to take advantage of their huge DVD range as well?

Special Offers/Deals:

Our Rating:
BlockBuster is a recognised and respected rental business and I thought they could have done a better job of entering the game market. They have a good selection, excellent website and fast shipping but don't have the pricing packages to suit gamers.

* * *


Last BlockBuster official announcement
Blockbuster movies

BlockBuster will be advertising prominent television commercials that will be running nationwide for the next several weeks throughout the summer 2008.  These commercials will help point out the BLOCKBUSTER Total Access plan benefits over our competitors to you.  

 BLOCKBUSTER Total Access 2 Week Free Trial!

BLOCKBUSTER Total Access FREE for 2 weeks trial on ANY plan!  The plan details are:

  • Plans as low as $3.99
  • No Due Dates or Late Fees for Online Rentals
  • Share Movie Recommendations with Friends and Family
  • Choose from over 80,000 titles
  • Click image to visit BlockBuster site !

BLOCKBUSTER Total Access 50% OFF the first month! 

special access 

Blockbuster free trial reviewBLOCKBUSTER Total Access 50% OFF the first month!  The plan details are:

  • $9.99 3.99$ for the first month
    unlimited rentals per month
  • Up to 5 In-Store Exchanges per month
  • Discounts on game rentals
  • No Due Dates or Late Fees for Online Rentals


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