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You tobe: Kids’ Top 10 Web searches? Se*x and P%rn of course! you to be alone ...

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The good folks at Symantec’s OnlineFamily.Norton, a web-monitoring service for parents, scanned 3.5 million searches between February 2008 and July 2009 to determine the top searches made by kids and guess what?

Sex and Porn made the TOP 10!

Here is the complete TOP 10:

1. YouTube

2. Google

3. Facebook

4. Sex

5. MySpace

6. Porn

7. Yahoo

8. Michael Jackson

9. Fred (YouTube star Fred Figglehorn)

10. eBay

Here’s a link to the entire TOP 100 searches by kids. (I love that Norton has identifiers next to names on the list so parents know who in the heck they are. But really, do we not know who Miley Cyrus is? True though, I had no idea who the Fred guy was!)

From the BBC’s web site:

“Symantec’s internet safety advocate, Marian Merritt, said that with the service, ‘parents can stay in the loop on what their kids are doing online.’ ‘It also helps identify ‘teachable moments’ when parents should be talking with their kids about appropriate online behaviour and other issues in their kids’ online lives.’ “

Even my 6-year-old is searching online for You Tube. Walsh likes to watch videos that kids make with Lego’s re-enacting scenes from “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones.”  Our computer is in a common room and I walk in and out on him checking what he’s looking at, but I honestly don’t know how he navigates to You Tube — if Michael has it bookmarked or he knows to type it into Google. I do worry when he’s in You Tube that he’ll be searching for something innocent and someone will have slipped something bad into the group of “Indiana Jones” videos.

Do you know what your kids/teens are searching for online? Does this list surprise you? Do you actually know who this Fred guy is? Do your kids?


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