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So here it is our Top 10 Horror Films of 2007, plus a few other favorites, highlights and quotes from our frightfull year. Love it or hate I could care less; I need a friggen drink! That is our other motto by the way. Enjoy!

found at December 21st, 2007


#1. 28 Weeks Later / 28 Days Later Who would of thunk when Fox Atomic released 28 Weeks Later that it would be one of the top horror movies of 2007? When I started getting feedback for our top ten list, even before I decided to eliminate Hostel 2 and Halloween, I was surprised that 28 Weeks was heavily in contention for the number one spot. When I originally saw the poster and trailer for this film, I thought it would be a steaming pile of shit, but I was wrong. It was pretty damn great. I figured as the year went on it would slowly get pushed to the back of our memories, as such heavy weights as Hostel, I Am Legend, the much hyped Hatchet and so on got released, but it wouldn’t go away. 28 Weeks Later is one of those rare sequels that hold up to the original, and make it better as a whole. It continues the story upping the ante, but can stand alone as its own film. It also featured two of the fucking freakiest looking little girls I have ever seen and they were the good guys! So I give you our Number One horror movie of 2007- the only film that got an overwhelming amount of votes from our staff and readers! - WIL Keiper

the mist#2. The Mist The greatest horror of 2007 may be the American public’s indifference to Frank Darabont’s glorious and bold adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist.

“Fear changes everything.”

One of the best and most honest taglines to any film I have seen in many years. Fear does indeed change everything. First rule of Stephen King books being turned in films– only Frank Darabont should be allowed to make these films. He has an enormous amount of respect for the source material. Yes, the ending of the film is different from the ending of the novella. The ending is one that will divide audiences for many years. For me, it is quite simply the boldest ending I have seen of a major American film in a long time. A freak storm unleashes an army of horrific creatures on a small town in Maine. A small group of citizens is holed up in a supermarket and the fight for survival begins. The beauty of Darabont’s film is that it works well as a monster movie and social commentary. It is one of the best cinematic allegories of the post-9/11 era. The film does what the so-called political films of this year failed to do, it makes you think. The human monsters inside the market are just as frightening as those mutations lurking in the mist. Thomas Jane’s David Drayton says it best: “Sure, as long as the machines are working and you can dial 911. But you take those things away, you throw people in the dark, you scare the shit out of them - no more rules.” The film is a stunning homage to the great monster movies of the 1950’s, the original Twilight Zone series and the spirit of Richard Matheson’s timeless stories. The Mist stays with you long after the lights come up. – Jerry Dennis

All times top horror movies ranking

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Rank Rating Title Votes 
Psycho 1. 8.7 Psycho(1960) 92,188 For all the slasher pictures that have ripped off Psycho (and particularly its classic set piece, the "shower scene"), nothing has ever matched the impact of the real thing.
2. 8.5 My Name Is Bruce (2007) 2,116 
3. 8.4 Alien Quadrilogy or Alien (1979) 112,411 
4. 8.4 The Shining (1980) 103,325 
5. 8.4 Aliens(1986) 109,260 
6. 8.3 Diabolique [Region 2], Les (1955) 7,688 
7. 8.3 Jaws(1975) 87,122 
8. 8.3 Faust - Eine deutsche Volkssage(1926) 2,283 
9. 8.2 Cabinet des Dr. Caligari., Das (1920) 9,481 (on this site horror movie link)
10. 8.1 Bride of Frankenstein (1935) 9,872 
11. 8.1 Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922) 17,129  (on this site horror link )
12. 8.1 Grindhouse(2007) 48,026 
Testament Of Dr. Mabuse/ The Crimes Of Dr. Mabuse 13. 8.1 Testament Of Dr. Mabuse/ The Crimes ... (1933) 2,065 

remake of Fritz Lang's 1932 classic
14. 8.1 Frankenstein - The Legacy Collection...(1931) 13,718 
15. 8.1 The Thing (1982) 41,794 The Carpenter Collection
King Kong 16. 8.1 King Kong (1933) 23,950 "Now you see it. You're amazed. You can't believe it. Your eyes open wider. It's horrible, but you can't look away. There's no chance for you. No escape. You're helpless, helpless. There's just one chance, if you can scream. Throw your arms across your eyes and scream, scream for your life!"
17. 8.0 Jungfrukällan(1960) 3,594 Max von Sydow, Birgitta Valberg
18. 8.0 Dead of Night (1945) 1,798 
19. 8.0 Rosemary's Baby (1968) 27,372 
20. 8.0 The Exorcist (1973) 63,576 
B0009X75EC 21. 8.0 The Innocents(1961) 3,660 one of the most effective ghost stories ever filmed
22. 8.0 Onibaba(1964) 2,108 
23. 8.0 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) 9,289 
24. 8.0 Dead Man's Shoes (2004) 7,666 
25. 8.0 Kwaidan(1964) 2,165 
26. 8.0 Repulsion(1965) 7,009 
27. 8.0 Shaun of the Dead (2004) 69,808 
28. 7.9 The Invisible Man (1933) 4,915 
29. 7.9 Night of the Living Dead(1968) 24,200 
30. 7.9 Dawn of the Dead (1978) 26,526 
31. 7.9 The Unknown (1927) 1,417 
32. 7.9 Yeux sans visage, Les (1960) 2,304 
33. 7.9 Halloween (1978) 38,547 
34. 7.8 The Holy Mountain (1973) 2,526 
35. 7.8 The Birds (1963) 34,680 
36. 7.8 Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler - Ein Bild der Zeit (1922) 1,000 
37. 7.8 Peeping Tom (1960) 5,289 
38. 7.8 The Haunting (1963/I) 7,720 
39. 7.8 Evil Dead II (1987) 28,372 
40. 7.8 Survive Style 5+ (2004) 1,993 
41. 7.8 Planet Terror (2007) 19,428 
42. 7.8 Vargtimmen (1968) 2,119 
43. 7.8 The Mist (2007) 8,361 
44. 7.8 The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939) 2,303 
45. 7.8 Abre los ojos (1997) 14,691 
46. 7.8 The Phantom of the Opera (1925) 3,552 
47. 7.8 Profondo rosso (1975) 4,939 
48. 7.7 Freaks (1932) 8,361 
49. 7.7 Dracula (1958) 3,376 
50. 7.7 Häxan (1922) 1,237 

Grindhouse Presents, Death Proof - Extended and Unrate...#3. Grindhouse Presents, Death Proof - What does one get when you take two of the best movies of the year filled with over the top gore, car chases, the greatest character actors working today, explosions, trailers for movies you could only dream of, a ton of gorgeous women, two of the best soundtracks of the year and toss in the hottest amputee ever seen on screen. You end up with Grindhouse, one of the best films to hit theaters in years. Too bad hardly any of you fuckers went to see it. Sure, you’ll line up for shit fests like Transformers and Rob Zombie’s craptracular <>Halloween abortion, but a fun and truly original film like Grindhouse gets released to a mostly uninterested and perhaps undeserving audience. – Tyler Shainline - Read the rest of  Grindhouse rant on this site !


Wrong Turn 2 - Dead End#4. Wrong Turn 2 - Dead End This movie is Damned Retarded! I loved every gory minute of it! This is definitely one of my favorite of the recently released horror flicks. It is too ridiculous to be missed, and Rollins fuckin’ rules in this flick! So be sure to watch this flick and have a TV PARTY TONIGHT!!! - From Larry on our Message Board

I decided to give Wrong Turn 2: Dead End the nod for three reasons – the plentiful gore, Henry Rollins is in it, and Crystal Lowe gets topless. It’s worth a look for those reasons alone. - Brain Hammer (who rated this number #10 on his picks)


Severance [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - Great ...#5. Severance Wow. Four months away and this site still smells like ass. Anyway, Severance is not only one of the best horror films of the year, but the best horror-comedy so far this decade. Usually when you get a movie like this you can either be funny or gory, but Severance manages to give is both in huge peals, and with a deft mastery in tone by director Christopher Smith to avoid the bipolar shifts that a lesser director would have fell prey to. In fact, that this film is so elusive and hard to pin down may be what’s so fascinating about it. - Dr. Royce Clemens (Royce now writes for &

Bug#6. Bug As a more unconventional horror movie, this seems much more like a drama on the surface. For most of the film it follows the pattern of one. Agnes (Judd) and Peter (Shannon) are shown simply talking, mostly about Agnes and her situation in life losing her son 10 years ago and fearing her abusive husband fresh out of jail. The more time they spend together the more the horror sets in. Whether this was intentional or not Peter is the one spreading this and infecting Agnes. Peter was basically a lab rat to the government when he was serving time and went AWOL. You want to believe him, but it is clear that he has a poisonous mind that is tainting Agnes vision. As time goes on they become more and more paranoid leading to serious circumstances that put them in massive danger. While the most obvious terror is Peter and his paranoia, a more direct one is the government. Peter’s condition and what he is capable is only the way it is because of the tests that they did. What makes this so scary is that this type of a thing could really be happening today. There is a war going on right now, certainly questionably unmoral activities could be occurring to Americans who put their lives on the line for their country. Peter and Agnes are incredibly likeable though. You know not to trust them, but you are almost tempted too; making you question everything that you see. That was the point too, to question everything rather it’s the people you trust or what is going on behind closed doors. – Kelsey Zukowski


the host#7. The Host Bong Joon-ho made The Host for me. He might have thought he was making it for himself, but let us be very clear he made the finest monster film in quite some time. Not since the original Gojira and other early Toho Kaiju films has there been such a reason to celebrate. The Host deserves to be one of the top ten films of the years simply because it transcends the genre. It is plethora of genres. The Host is a monster movie and a political satire filled with sheer lunacy and the ultimate in dysfunctional family dynamics. Think Little Miss Sunshine, Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster, Jaws, Alien, Pan’s Labyrinth and either version of The Blob all mixed together. It pushes the boundaries to a point where you know that you are witnessing the creation of something new and wonderful. Hyun-seo (Ko A-sung) is one of the bravest movie heroines. She is captured by the hideous, mutated tadpole living in Seoul’s Han River. Only Ivana Baquero’s Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth comes close to her heroism. It is up to the Park family to put aside past differences to find and rescue Hyun-seo because they will not get any help from the government, the military or the police. The Park’s family descent into hell and madness will stay with you for many years to come. You will come for the monster movie aspect, but you will take away a wonderful tale about family coming together for the common good and the environmental dangers facing our planet. The Host is as good as they come. Please, no American remakes of this film. – Jerry Dennis


30 days of night top horror movie#8. 30 Days of Night 2007 was the year of the comic book movie with 300, Ghost Rider, and Fantastic Four, so it’s no surprise that Hollywood would take on popular horror comic writer, Steve Niles, and his baby, 30 Days of Night. Director David Slade, hot off his very little but very memorable indy film, Hard Candy, doesn’t go balls out like most directors granted with a larger budget, and keeps it focused and in tune for the most part with Niles graphic novel. I dug the fresh, original nature of the vampires, acting more like rabid animals rather than metrosexual douchebags, and the film captures a cold environment that is all but hopeless when the lights go out. It’s a great vampire flick and the gory moments alone (cool beheadings) make it worthy to be in the Top 10 horror flicks of 2007. – Mike Fish


Behind the Mask - The Rise of Leslie Vernon#9.Behind the Mask - The Rise of Leslie VernonThis is definitely notable to horror fans. Leslie Vernon (Baesel) is possibly the biggest horror fan of all. He takes admiration of some of the biggest icons like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorheez, and Michael Myers, and learns how to be a real life killer himself. It pays homage to these characters and the movies that they brought us. Being a mockumentary, it pokes fun at all of the clichés you have seen in countless films in the past. It is something so well known to Leslie that him and his friend know a separate terminology for every person, situation, and action involved. The fact that this whole thing is being reported to a news anchor over a long period of time questions the media’s role in violence. How far is too far to go for a story? Leslie Vernon gives all the horrifying information you could think of. Yet nothing is done to stop him. We have seen many movie killers in numerous situations over many years. We are able to see even more of Leslie though. He takes us through the whole process of killing. His way of thinking and reactions are very comical. Leslie gets stoked when planning a murder, yet in a chipper sort of way that you wouldn’t associate with a serial killer. In a twisted sense this puts him on the same level as us. We can relate to him on his love for the horror genre. The way he talks about it is in a completely normal tone. He seems like an every day guy who happens to have a passion for murder. – Kelsey Zukowski


The Girl Next Door#10.The Girl Next Door I suppose the Girl Next Door made the Top Ten list for a number of reasons. The most obvious being that the film is based on a novel by one of the greatest true crime/ horror writers today- Jack Ketchum. Even horror great Stephen King called it “the first authentically shocking American film I’ve seen since Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.” Sure, the film doesn’t count as horror per se (although the interesting marketing tactics of Starz Home Ent. would say otherwise), but this is by far one of the most horrific films made this year. It is loosely related to the true crime story of a girl that was tortured…by other children…that were supposed to be her neighborhood friends…while being supervised by a cruel adult. This film makes you realize that the boogeyman lives right next door and apparently comes in the form of innocent children. It teaches you that no human can be trusted. The next time you see children playing tag in a yard, you may question who is really “it”. Yeah, zombies are scary, but they are not real. Okay, Michael Myers returning for the umpteenth time gets your man panties in a bunch, but we’ve seen it all before. Then there are the vampires, mists, cannibals, serial killers, etc. that made the list. But Girl is the one that will actually get under your skin. This is the film that has made grown men cry. Now THAT is reason enough for it to make any “Best of” 2007 list. – Molly Celaschi

The BurningBest DVD Release: The Burning (1981)

This was a dvd release that hardcore horror fans had been anticipating for years. It’s well known that The Burning is one of the all time great slasher flicks. Sadly, for far too long a decent looking, uncut print of The Burning was something of a “holy grail” for slasher completists. The original “R” rated vhs releases, and most of the region 2 dvd releases were all heavily edited and therefore worthless. Several years ago I paid $25 for a murky looking bootleg vhs copy of the uncut Japanese print – and thought it was quite a bargain. Looking back I could kick myself for such a foolish purchase, especially when I watch the beautiful looking remastered dvd print of The Burning that MGM officially released in September of 2007.

After several years of having this one tucked up their ass, MGM went the extra mile with this dvd release. First of all, they were wise enough to present the UNCUT version of The Burning with all of the juicy splatter intact. The dvd features beautiful picture quality and is much clearer looking than any previous release. Best of all, we get several brand new bonus features – including a 17 minute Tom Savini special effects featurette entitled Blood N’ Fire, a commentary track with director Tony Maylam, a photo gallery, and the theatrical trailer.


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