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Tamil Woman 
photo:  images of ceylon

Tamil Movie Mani Ratnam's assistant debuts

It has been a long wait for Priya to direct her first feature film, the Tamil movie Kanda Naal Mudal. Till it happened, Priya occupied herself by writing the script of Revathy's directorial debut Mitr- My friend,�assisting Mani Ratnam in Iruvar, Dil Se, Yuva and Aayutha Exhuthu, and Ratnam's wife Suhasini in her directorial debut Indira.

Priya has also directed several television serials for Telephoto Films (owned by Suresh Menon and Revathy) and Madras Talkies (Mani Ratnam's production house).

Even today, she is known as Mani Ratnam's assistant and she has no qualms about it. "Yes, that is my address; Mani Ratnam's Assistant, and I am proud of it."

Kanda Naal Mudal is produced by National Award-winning actor Prakash Raj's production house, Duet Movies. Its first production, a small film titled Azhagiya Theeya (starring Prasanna and Navya Nair) was a surprise hit at the Tamil box office.


Tamil movieTamil Movie Mani Ratnam's assistant debuts

Priya has known Prakash Raj from the days when she assisted Mani Ratnam in Iruvar.

She does not claim Kanda Naal Mudal is a 'different' film but assures that her characters are as normal as "you and me." They behave like normal people, and that is what makes them 'different,' she says.

This love story has Prasanna and Laila in the lead, with Karthik, the hero of P C Sreeram's Vaanam Vassapadum, playing an important role.

Sreeram is the cinematographer for Kanda Naal Mudal, Sreekar Prasad is the editor, Thotta Tharani is the art director and Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music director.

Text: Shobha Warrier

World: Stop deportations, Tamils plead

Thursday, 12 April 2007 found at

Standing in front of poster-sized photos of whole families hanged and others shot while they slept, a young Montreal mother described her own relatives’ tragedy in her native Sri Lanka.

Photo Salma © Image:

“My father, mother and brother were all shot one night at dinner,” said Santhiraleda Ganeshalingam, 32, who heard the news in a phone call from her sister in Sri Lanka last May.

The killings were part of continuing civil war between Sri Lanka’s majority Sinhalese population and the minority Tamils, Ganeshalingam said during a recent news conference held by the association Quebec Tamil Women to launch a month-long awareness campaign across Canada.

Members of the group urged the Canadian government to speed up immigration sponsorship requests and refugee claims and stop deporting Sri Lankans because they face grim prospects in their native country.

They said 170,000 Tamils are near starvation in refugee camps in eastern Sri Lanka because the government has cut off humanitarian aid to the region. Another 600,000 are struggling in the northern Jaffna region because of state-enforced embargoes on medicine and basic food stocks.
Tamils comprise about 15 per cent of Sri Lanka’s 20 million people.

Ganeshalingam, whose sister also was killed, said she now has four nieces and nephews in Sri Lanka without parents.

“Now I cry every time the phone rings,” she said, clutching her daughters, age 3 and 4. “I worry what will happen next. I want to bring (the rest of) my family here and protect them.”
Her husband, Sabarathnam Ganeshalingam, 39, said his wife has been on anti-depressant medication. “She’s having a hard time. She wakes up crying in the middle of the night.”

Canada’s government needs to take action and help reunite Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada with their loved ones caught in the middle of the war, said Ramani Balendra, 46, a QTW member.

“We are 300,000 Tamils in Canada (including) 23,000 in Quebec,” said Banlendra, former president of the Canadian Tamil Congress. “We pay taxes.We want the Canadian government to heed its own policy of reuniting families.”

Balendra said the QTW does not support the rebel Tamil Tigers, who have been labeled as terrorists.

A spokesperson for federal Immigration Minister Diane Finley said the government is monitoring the conflict and is “sensitive to the circumstances” faced by Sri Lankans in Canada.

With few exceptions, they cannot be removed from Canada without the right to ask for an assessment of the risk they face in their homeland.

Montreal Gazette  

Comments jay said: The cries of Tamil mothers over the fate of their loved ones, the fear of what will happen next - are these not sufficient proof to the world of the attrocties and crimes committed by the Srilankan government. Noone talks ill of the LTTE but every word that comes out of these mothers is against the government and their military. They are only talking about near starvation in refugee camps, state enforced embargoes on medicine and basic food stocks, killings and kidnappings by the Srilankan armed personnel - are these not first hand information right out from the horses mouths.

Can't the so called world leaders, the International communitity, the UN see that all these are the doings of the Srilankan government. Cant they hear the cries of the helpless people. Cant they see who the real terrorist is! Yet, they turn a deaf ear to the plight of the defenceless people who are denied their rights in their homeland.

, ea


Tamils woman video


This video contains information about LTTE terrorists- In Sri Lanka, recruiting children forcibly and giving forced arms training to the elderly civilians.

In this vidoe footage underage LTTE women terrorits reveals the dreadful truth of the Mullativu child soldier base which was completely destroyed by the Sri Lankan security forces(August 14th 2006), during a limited offensive against the terrorists.
LTTE terrorists are the worlds most feared terrorist organisation and is feared to give the formulation for the Sep 11th attack when they?(LTTE) attacked the katunayake international airport in 1998.

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