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Taking Back Sunday’s stroll on the red carpet

found at  Newsday September 1, 2006

Taking Back Sunday found its first trip down the red carpet a bit alarming.

"It's just crazy," said singer Adam Lazzara. "You step out of the car and it's just screaming."

"It's a bit overwhelming, to tell you the truth," guitarist-singer Fred Mascherino added, referring to the band's headlining slot at the LIFEbeat benefit at Webster Hall on Wednesday night, the prime slot among MTV's warm-up shows. "We had a great show last night and I was more in my element then."

Of course, the Rockville Centre band did make some concessions to red carpet life: Drummer Mark O'Connell rocked a new Dolce & Gabbana suit.

But as often happens on the red carpet, the band was quickly shooed down the line. Fergie's opening performance of "London Bridge," complete with men dressed as Buckingham Palace guards, was taking up the whole red carpet.

She was followed by Fall Out Boy carrying a monkey, Hulk Hogan and his family doing dances for any camera pointed in their direction and 50 Cent's posse, which only seemed like it filled the red carpet.

Chamillionaire said he only recently bought the ringtone of his song "Ridin,'" which has sold 4 million copies, because he wanted to know that he was sure that purchase would earn him a dollar. The song won for best rap video. The carpet was a bit less chaotic than usual though, since most of the big stars walked right past the media to high-five with the fans.

Nevertheless, Taking Back Sunday made the most of its MTV MVA music video awards  experience by treating fans to the unusual performance of its "Louder Now" album at the Wednesday benefit. The band lost the MTV2 award to 30 Seconds to Mars, which opened the benefit.


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