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steve Irwin stingrayAs all of you know by now, Steve Irwin has died of a stingray piercing through his heart. Amazingly, this was all caught on video. Not for the faint of heart.

B000Q6GUK2 Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter - Ocean's Deadliest ~ Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin again lives his life on the edge. Although you know this is his last adventure, you can really see his passion and enjoyment of the earth's sea creatures in this video. You can see the mutual respect for the other comrades on board his research vessel and especially Jacques Costeau's grandson who is on this venture as well. Most enjoyable for the whole family!

Download a PDF of the Gold Coast Bulletin's Irwin family album tribute

FOX News Video: 09/28/2006
Terri Irwin: Video of husband's death will never be shown famous faces the crocodile hunters
Viewable video available at target Thursday September 28
  • B0017R5RLW Crikey! What an Adventure: An Intimate Look at the Life of Steve Irwin 2007 ~ Steve Irwin This DVD takes an intimate look at the life of Steve Irwin: husband, father, friend, icon, and conservationist - through the eyes of those who knew him best. Terri Irwin along with Steve's family and friends share personal stories about the incredible man the world came to know and love as the Croc Hunter. In never before seen interviews Steve Irwin himself describes who he is, his legacy, his love of family and his conservation message, perfectly capturing the international personality in his own words. The archived Steve Irwin interviews, found during the making of the tribute special, were taped six or seven years ago. Through exhilarating adventure moments and previously unseen footage, Crikey! What An Adventure recognizes, celebrates and honors Steve's passion and enthusiasm for spreading the importance of wildlife conservation. His untimely and tragic death put our world in a state of shock and mourning. Steve touched so many lives, adults and children alike, and his impact on conservation efforts worldwide will last for years to come. visit Life of Steve Irwin EMI
  • Would Steve Irwin have survived if stingray's barb had been left in his chest? also for US get plugged in on this every hour and the Bingaman do send us an e-mail here in Egypt will they meet your hometown Wendy and Foxnews dot com and again even
  • Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's widow has spoken publicly for the first time since her husband's death. Picture: Reuters) Millions of Australians tuned in to watch Terri Irwin's emotional television interview. Terri was in Tasmania when Steve was killed in a freak diving accident off the far north Queensland coast when a stingray pierced his chest with its tail barb on September 4. She said that the fun times Steve had with Bindi and two-year-old Bob will help them to cope.
  • The fascination with Steve Irwin's death speaks to our fascination with his life the one hundred the the total on on Bill Hemmer it's been three days and Steve Irwin was killed by that state where yes it is still the most popular story on our Web

Steve Irwin Death Video: The Crocodile Hunter Can Rest in Peace 


By Keith Walters Jones Sep 27, 2006 found at

Stingray Steve IrwinThere will be no airing of the Steve Irwin death video if his widow Terri has any say in the matter. The soul mate of the Crocodile Hunter is doing a series of interviews with Australian television and also will appear on ABC's 20/20 here in the United States.

by Mike -Steve Irwin again lives his life on the edge. Although you know this is his last venture, you can really see his passion and enjoyment of the earth's sea creatures in this video. You can see the mutual respect for the other comrades on board his research vessel and especially Jacques Costeau's grandson who is on this venture as well. Most enjoyable for the whole family! visit Steve Irwin Deadliest

The Crocodile Hunter Can Rest in Peace 

On the question of whether the video should be aired as many fans have asked for and wish to see, Terri responded, "What purpose would that serve?" she asked presenter Barbara Walters, according to the BBC.

The American-born Terri Irwin also said she would continue to work in the field of wildlife conservation and was coping with her grief "one minute at a time". 


Steve Irwin[Cartoon] S.African Tribute to Steve Irwin


In her first public interview with Channel 9 in Australia, Terri said she would never reveal any details about where Steve is buried despite strong speculation his final resting place was on the grounds of the family's Australia Zoo, reports the Australian news.

"Steve had particular wishes for after he died and I carried out his particular wishes and one of them was that he'd lived life so big that he just wanted some personal privacy at that point, and I gave him that,'' she said.

"I gave him that so that there's just a handful of people who will ever know, that was his wish. I don't think he wanted it to be a big deal."

And for his farewell, his daughter Bindi put together a box of trinkets, notes and keepsakes to go with her father into his next life.


Their last good-bye is described by the Gold Coast Bulletin:

"Steve drove us to the airstrip and he said goodbye to the kids, and goodbye to me and he gave me a kiss and I went to get on the plane and I was helping Robert up the steps and he grabbed me a second time and gave me a kiss,'' Terri said.

"He just embraced me and said `I love you'. And I was going to say, be careful when you're diving, because diving always worried me. He never liked me saying be careful, he'd be like whatever…"

"And I remember thinking that for a fleeting moment, I didn't say it. We just said I love you."


Terri Irwin's exclusive "20/20" interview with Barbara Walters tonight at 10 p.m. ET on the ABC Network.

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Opposing View: Don't Show the Steve Irwin Death Video Tape 


By Keith Walters Jones Sep 7, 2006 found at

I understand that Steve Irwin has earlier stated that if he ever was killed on video he wished for the film to be shown as he wanted to go out that way. He was one of my favorites and though I've only read the quote and never heard him state that - it certainly is easy to imagine him saying that.

That in mind - I don't think the video tape of Steve Irwin being stung through the heart by a stingray should be shown at all. 

I read a commentary by Jon Shanks in The National Ledger that was very even handed and explained why the tape should be broadcast, but I think the whole idea would be just a bit too voyeuristic. 


I also read that the 'Crocodile Hunter's' friend and longtime manager John Stainton agrees as he has said the footage of Steve Irwin's death was so harrowing it should be destroyed to prevent it being leaked to the public.

I think he's right, though I somehow fear that several copies may have already been made as the interest in a tape of this type with a man of Steve Irwin's stature would likely be very high.


The report states that in an emotional interview broadcast live around the world, Mr. Stainton said he had watched the tape of Mr. Irwin suffering the fatal stingray wound and vowed 'it will never see the light of day'. 

"I would never want that tape shown," he told CNN talk show host Larry King in an interview during which he broke down in tears several times. 


Stainton said the cameraman kept filming the 44-year-old star in the throes of death on Australia's Great Barrier Reef because he didn't realize the gravity of the situation until he saw blood. 

"It shows that Steve came over the top of the ray and the tail came up, and spiked him here," said Mr. Stainton, pointing to his chest. "(Irwin) pulled it out, and the next minute he's gone." 


Hopefully - people will think of the family and Steve's kids. Though I have a feeling it will be coming to a computer screen soon.

--Keith Walters Jones

Steve Irwin Sea Shepard crew member Kim McCoy in the series Whale Wars.Animal Planet/Luis Ascui/Getty Images - Monday, November, 3, 2008, 6:3 PM
Steve Irwin Sea Shepard crew member Kim McCoy in the series Whale Wars.Animal Planet/Luis Ascui/Getty Images - Monday, November, 3, 2008, 6:3 PM

The Crocodile Hunter (Steve's Story/Most Dangerous Adventures/Greatest Crocodile Captures) The Crocodile Hunter (Steve's Story/ Most Dangerous Adventures/Greatest Crocodile Captures) ~ Steve Irwin

5.0 out of 5 stars A must have for fans of The crocodile hunter,
By "darkwulfe" (Bozeman, MT USA)For anyone who loves Steve's show or just likes wildlife programs in general must purchase this wonderful DVD. It includes three episodes that are also available seperatly on Video. Steve's Story, Steve's Most Dangerous Adventures, and Greatest Crocodile Captures. This DVD is a great bargain for what you get, basicly three videos for the price of one. Each takes the best moments from Steve's show and puts them together into over 170 minutes of footage. Not a whole lot of extras but non are realy needed. The quality is above par, the video is very clear and the audio is what you would expect from any DVD. Do yourself a favor and order it now before it is no longer available. A great movie for the entire family that will teach you a lot about wildlife. Keep up the great work Steve!


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