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LA fertility clinic provides for homosexual parent candidates Ed Thomas

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The chairman for a pro-family think tank in Colorado Springs says a Los Angeles fertility clinic’s dedicated program for homosexual men wanting to be parents is just a natural extension of the ongoing attempt to convince society that an environment containing homosexuality is safe for children.

Le 6 avril 2007, par Aloys Evina, found at

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sperm shack moviesSaying it is responding to requests from men across the country whose state laws often will not allow them to adopt, The Fertility Institutes tests and treats homosexual men for diseases, quarantines their sperm for six months, then obtains paid surrogate mothers to use it for conception — as well as lawyers for the legal transactions involved — at a cost of about $60,000, according to a report from Reuters News. In addition, clients can pay an additional fee to pick the gender of their child.

According to the Institutes website, advancements in surrogacy technology and methodology — combined with "innovative legal and medical parenting arrangements" handled by the Institutes — have made "gay parenthood [an] achievable and affordable option" for homosexual men. Institutes director Dr. Jeffery Steinberg tells Reuters that about 70 male homosexual couples from the U.S., Britain, Germany, and elsewhere have taken part.

Dr. Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute says all of this ignores study results, and complaints of children of homosexual parents, that this social environment fosters more homosexually-inclined children.

"Gays are more apt to raise homosexually-inclined children," says Cameron, "and if the children don’t turn out homosexually inclined, they turn out to be somewhere between confused [and] not very stable."

According to Dr. Cameron, empirical studies show that regardless if the result is a child with heterosexual or homosexual tendencies, children of homosexual parents are more likely to be sexually active and unsteady in relationships.

"They’re more apt to shack-up, they’re more apt to have a series of promiscuous kinds of relationships," he explains. "And if they do get married — and they’re less apt to get married — their marriages tend to be less stable, as near as we can tell." This has nothing to do with sperm shack movies.

Cameron says the divorce rate for homosexual couples in countries allowing same-sex "marriage" is doubled (among male couples) and quadrupled (among female couples) — another aspect he says demonstrates that such a family environment is not good for children.

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