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Hips don't lie. Original clip below this page.


shakira video spoof

... spanish final. Which just happens to be a hilarious, yet disturbing, Shakira spoof. Shakira - Ryan Gangsters - Sal, Matt Directed/Filmed/Edited - ...
Tom - 3 min - Jun 17, 2006
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Shakira will now be shaking it to Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan's tune.

Shakira, the blond-locked Colombian songstress who has the world grooving to her latest chartbuster Hips Don't Lie will now be shaking it to Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan's tune.

Farah will be choreographing Shakira for a performance on a show in LA and it is also the first time that she will be meeting the sexy Latina.

The show will be held at Radio City Hall on August 31, 2006. For Farah this is her first major international act as far as choreography goes. "It is an honour to represent the Bollywood fraternity on a world platform.

When the show producers called and asked me if I knew Shakira, I told them our whole country was obsessed with her! I think Shakira is one of the best dancers in the world right now and is undoubtedly the hottest thing," says an excited Farah.

So, how did she land this act? "The producers were looking for an Indian choreographer as they wanted Shakira to perform to a Bollywoodised version of her hit Hips Don't Lie. So they called me." Has she rehearsed with Shakira yet?

"No, I will be auditioning dancers from New York when I go there." Any pelvic thrusts for the Latina? "Of course! No one can move the pelvis quite like she does!" exclaims Farah.

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