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Queen the rock bandQUEEN READY TO ROCK AGAIN

THE music of Freddie Mercury has inspired so many artists that it's about time Queen made a comeback.

Showbiz Liz & Beverley Lyons 16 January 2007 found at

Guitarist and songwriter Brian May revealed work had progressed on the band's first new album since 1995.

The rockers, who have joined forces with former Free and Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers, said: "We went in the studio to see what would happen and came up with some tracks, which I think are really great.

"They're very different. They're very unlike anything that we've done, or anything that Paul's done."


click on the video below to hear (images are terrible) an awesome documentary on the legendary Queen rock band singer Farrohk Bulsara best known as Freddie (Freddy) Mercury. So better just don't look at the video clip, but just hear the sound of Queen the rock band


Queen Speak About New Material

Recorded with Paul Rodgers...

by Scott Colothan on 17/01/2007 found at

Bouffant-haired Queen guitarist has been speaking about the band’s new material. 

Roger Taylor and May have been working with former Free frontman Paul Rodgers and according to May the new tracks are “great.” 

He said: “We went into the studio to see what happens, because we’ve already tested it on stage and that works great. 

“And we went in almost unprepared and came up with some tracks, which I think are really great. 

“They’re very different, they’re unlike anything that we’ve done before, or anything Paul’s done.” 

The band are expected to air new material on tour in May. As dotmusic reports, the guitarist commented: “It’s gonna be good, because next time we go out, we won’t just be nostalgia, we will be ‘This is show we are.’”

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