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PinkPink Shoots Again at Jessica Simpson & Paris Hilton 



By Cathy Beers Sep 2, 2006 found at

Pink grabbed a moonman at the MTV Video Music Awards this week for her fabulous 'Stupid Girls.' On stage the star looked a bit uncomfortable. 

Pink Shoots Again at Jessica Simpson & Paris Hilton 

And why not - some of the 'stupid girls' she lampoons in the song and especially in the video were staring right at her.

But Pink was gracious until she hit backstage and then she took what sounds like another shot at Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. 


According to the NY Post, the pop singer thought her presenters and their well publicized break up with two of the stars she has dubbed as 'stupid girls' was a bit ironic. 

Nick Lachey of course has split with wife and co-star Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie has split with pal and co-star Paris Hilton. The irony was not lost on Pink.


Page Six reports in a Saturday item:

After winning the best pop-video honors for "Stupid Girls," Pink chirped, "Nick Lachey and Nicole Richie giving me the award was ironic. I can appreciate the irony." 

The newly married rocker also revealed the saucy title of her next single - "U + Ur Hand." She quipped, "You can imagine what I'm talking about."


It certainly does seem quite obvious, although the fireworks may have been a bit juicier had she said this on stage at the very BORING awards show.

Paris would likely challenge Pink's assertion as during an interview that she gave to the UK Times in July, Hilton dismissed that she and Jess were 'blonde airheads.'

"I play dumb like Jessica Simpson plays dumb. But we know exactly what we're doing. We're smart blondes."

--Cathy Beers writes from Chicago