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The Oscar goes to … star dresses


Style Matters: In our opinion, the nominated movies for 2007 were pretty dull, so we hoped the actors would make it up to us with their Oscar attire.

They owe us after the lack of fabulous costumes in movies such as “Babel,” where Cate Blanchett spent the whole time in a pair of bloody khakis.

By Judie Schwartz and Evelinda Urman Posted on Sun, Mar. 04, 2007
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oscar dresses 2007 Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz wore oscar dresses gowns 
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As far as we are concerned, “The Devil Wears Prada” should have swept all Academy Award categories.

What did we hope to see at the Oscars? Lots of jewelry with conflict-free diamonds (in deference to “Blood Diamond”) fabulous ensembles a la “Dreamgirls” and hair better than Helen Mirren wore in “The Queen.” We were not disappointed.

Kate Winslet oscar dresses 2007Kate Winslet oscar dresses 2007

Trend: Bad color.

Jessica Biel, in magenta Oscar de la Renta, accented her gown with a plain black belt and side cleavage. It was not up to Oscar-level dress standards or her past fashion choices. Jada Pinkett Smith wore a French’s Mustard yellow gown by Carolina Herrera that was stretched across her middle so tightly it looked painful. And Celine Dion came in this year’s ugliest shade of green.


Trend: Black and black/indigo blue color combinations.

Presenter Maggie Gyllenhaal looked postpartum perfect in an elegant black and eggplant sequin one-shoulder gown. Portia de Rossi wore a black and dark blue halter-top gown with not one, but two fabulous diamond bracelets. And Rinko Kikuchi made it up to us in a strapless black lace number that was a showstopper.

The Oscar dresses losers

Penélope Cruz oscar dresses 2007Penelope Cruz: Just as she did at the Golden Globes, Cruz wore another ruffled disaster, this one by Versace. She redeemed herself with a pair of giant flowered diamond earrings.

Catherine Deneuve: Not the French fashion icon we expected. She wore an unflattering, plain black sleeveless sheathe that showed, rather than disguised, her larger figure.

Jennifer Hudson: What was that cropped jacket thing she was wearing? It looked like she threw on the tinfoil wrapper from a TV dinner.

Beyoncé: She disappointed us in a sea foam green gown with a floral embellished strap that looked as if it had come from Jessica McClintock.

Nicole Kidman oscar dresses 2007Nicole Kidman: She chose a bright red dress with a huge bow that snaked around her neck. Nic, you’re no one’s gift wrapped up in that thing.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Her Campbell’s tomato soup-colored dress by Zac Posen was not mmm-mmm-good (image below the page).

The Oscar dresses winners

Jennifer Lopez: She was perfection in a Grecian-inspired empire-waist silver dress by Marchesa with a boat neck jeweled chained collar. (see oscar picture below the page)

Rachel Weisz (see oscar dresses below this page): The stunner’s Vera Wang champagne-hued silk charmeuse strapless gown was one of our favorites. She paired her dress with an eye-popping Cartier diamond medallion that complemented the oscar jewels sewn into the bodice and bottom of her gown.

Cate Blanchett oscar dresses 2007Cate Blanchett: She absolutely left us babbling in a slinky, shimmery silver one-shoulder gown by Giorgio Armani Prive.

We disagree

Cameron Diaz: Judie thought she looked as if she had been wrapped in a white napkin by an Origami expert. Evelinda thinks Diaz is the biggest risk-taker on the red carpet, and this year she hit it right. (image below the page)

•Finally, Anne Hathaway was wearing a white Valentino dress with a huge black bow that did not wow us, but to quote her, she put on “every single diamond I could find.” We love that philosophy, Prada girl.

Judie Schwartz and Evelinda Urman write about office wear and personal style.

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Helen Mirren oscar dresses 2007

Helen Mirren oscar dresses 2007

Maggie Gyllenhaal oscar dresses 2007

Maggie Gyllenhaal oscar dress 2007

Jessica Biel oscar dresses 2007

Jessica Biel oscar dresses 2007

Rachel Weisz oscar dresses 2007

Rachel Weisz oscar dresses 2007

Cameron Diaz oscar dresses 2007

Cameron Diaz oscar dress 2007

Naomi Watts oscar dress 2007

Naomi Watts oscar dress 2007

Gwyneth Paltrow oscar dresses 2007

Gwyneth Paltrow oscar dresses 2007

Catherine Deneuve oscar dresses 2007
Catherine Deneuve oscar dresses 2007
Jennifer Lopez oscar dresses 2007

Jennifer Lopez oscar dresses 2007


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