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Film making advice. Interview with film maker Don Glut on how to make independent movies!. Listen to his good advice.


There are ten million film makers in America today. Most of them are amateurs, but the number who migrate to professional ranks grows constantly as television enlarges its demands for motion pictures of all kinds.

Whether he shoots for fun or profit—for a family circle or a television station—the experienced film maker knows that getting correct focus and exposure are only the first steps in using a movie camera.

You want to tell a movie story. You won’t be successful in this goal if you shoot all over the place in a series of correctly exposed but pictorially unrelated scenes. To tell a movie story, you must put together a wide variety of shots so as to achieve a smooth, meaningful, visual flow. In short, you must understand your medium as well as your camera; you must know pictorial con­tinuity.

Pictorial continuity is the indispensable framework of every soundly constructed motion picture, whether it is a Holly­wood epic, TV film, newsreel. documentary, cartoon or home movie.

Without it. any movie, no matter how elaborately or ex­pensively made, is amateurish; but with it, the raw beginner can achieve a professional touch.

These two electronic books provide a good start and the answer to how to shoot a movie story:

How To Shoot A Movie - Video Online And Offline.

This Is The Complete And Concise Guide On How To Shoot A Movie. Story, Angles, Shots, Editing, Etc. Everything You Need To Know To Create Your Own Movie Or Video, Online And Off.

Film & Movie Finance Dealmakers eBook


And some books:

024081021X The Power Filmmaking Kit: Make Your Professional Movie on a Next-to-Nothing Budget ~ Jason J. Tomaric
0312288646 Make Your Own Damn Movie!: Secrets of a Renegade Director ~ Lloyd Kaufman


And Movie Software:

B002A30QKE MoviePlus X3 Digital Video Studio ~ Serif

How to Make Your Movie - 2nd Edition How to Make Your Movie - 2nd Edition ~ Erlewine Design4.0 out of 5 stars How to Make a Movie, by Brandon M. Austin

This is a very good interactive disc. I bought this when I first got interested in filmmaking and I learned alot. This disc layed a great foundation for me in leaning the filmmaking process. There is no one book (or disc in this case), that can give you everything that you need to create a film, but if your new to the art of film this is a great place to start.
  • Runs natively on new systems (Windows XP and Mac OS X)
  • Updated screenwriting and production features
  • New features on short films, experimental film, and digital video
  • Complete library of features available as printable PDF files
  • Winner of over 8 multimedia and film festival awards
  • visit How to Make Your Movie - 2nd Edition


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