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Life Is Worth Losing

Life Is Worth Losing would be fun film if it wasn't so real, enjoy the film clip below


George Carlin - Life Is Worth Losing... George Carlin, Roc.. "You have to be asleep to believe it."  A short excerpt from the video "Life Is Worth Losing" (2005).

George Carlin returns to the stage in Life is Worth Losing, his 13th live comedy stand-up special, performed at the Beacon Theatre in New York City for HBO®.

Carlin’s spot-on observations on the deterioration of human behavior include Americans’ obsession with their two favorite addictions - shopping and eating; his creative idea for The All-Suicide Channel, a new reality TV network; and the glorious rebirth of the planet to its original pristine condition - once the fires and floods destroy life as we know it.

Life is Worth Losing includes:

A Modern Man, Three Little Words, The Suicide Guy, Extreme Human Behavior, The All-Suicide Channel, Dumb Americans, Pyramid of the, Hopeless, Autoerotic Asphyxia, Posthumous Female Transplants, Yeast Infection, Excess: Fires and Floods, Coast-to-Coast Emergency.

5.0 out of 5 stars Far too honest for today's USA

This is the logical progression of Carlin's humor as the hippy dippy weatherman ages: he's gittin' cranky as he sees things becoming worse instead of better. We ain't evolving, we're becoming desensitized to all manner of atrocitae, and George is here to stick our noses in it.

Dark yes, funny yes, not perfect yes. But give the man props for having the balls to call it as he sees it, decade after decade.

{Edit-7/12/08: And now that he's gone, my guess is this show will be seen in the light it deserves: a truly intelligent and trenchant social commentator telling the truth about modern America...whether we like it or not.

Looking at some of the negative reviews here, I have to laugh at their complaints about how dark this is and proclaiming that GC's lighter side is where it's at. So an artist can't ever stray from what works for him and move into new avenues of perception? He can't simply tell the truth as he sees it, even if it's not always funny?

I think George more than earned the right to give us a dead-on rant like this. He made us laugh for over forty years. So at the end of his life he ain't allowed to call it precisely as he sees it...and as it truly is? Damn right he's got the right. He earned it. Plus, there is endless truth here. Too bad for those who can only handle jokey jokes. And hell, there are plenty of laughs, but they're aimed at those who dig Monty Python or Bill Hicks more than Andrew Dice Clay or Joan Rivers.

For those who appreciate a rare shaft of truthlight cutting through the cloud cover of 21st century bs, it doesn't get much more direct and correct than this.

Rest in peace, George. You did your job as well as any comedian who ever lived. Maybe better.}

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