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league of extraordinary gentleman (2003)

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I prefer to learn marketing with league of extraordinary minds

Are you a serious fan of Stevenson, Verne, Wells or Wilde?, May 2, 2005


by Jeanne Tassotto (Trapped in the Midwest)

You'll probably be appalled. If your last contact with these authors was as assigned reading in a Lit class watch this to see what made these authors famous. Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Capt. Nemo, The Invisible Man and Dorian Grey along with Alan Quatermaine (King Solomon's Mines), Mina (Dracula), and Tom Sawyer have assembled to combat a an evil mastermind set on worldwide domination.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. movie is more Saturday afternoon B movie serial than Lit class. The special effects keep coming in wave after wave. The plot is a bit weak and some character details are a bit hazy (vampires out in daylight?, just who is the bad guy(s) anyway?) and it's not quite clear why Tom Sawyer got tossed in the mix but the overall effect is one of fun.

This is in the guilty pleasure category of movie so just settle back with the junk food of your choice and waste a couple of hours with this. If anybody asks what you were doing just mumble something about Twain, Verne, Wilde.....

Sean Connery stars as Allan Quatermain, the world's greatest adventurer, who leads a legion of superheroes the likes of which the world has never seen, in THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN.

Quatermain's extraordinary League is comprised of Captain Nemo (Naseeruddin Shah), Dracula vampiress Mina Harker (Peta Wilson), an invisible man Rodney Skinner (Tony Curran), American secret service agent Sawyer (Shane West), Dorian Gray (Stuart Townsend), and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (Jason Flemyng).

Richard Roxburgh ("Moulin Rouge") plays the League's enigmatic recruiter, M. The League members are staunch individualists, outcasts in fact, with checkered pasts and singular gifts that have been both blessing and curse. Now they must learn to trust each other and work as a team for the very hope of civilization. With little preparation and no time to lose, they will be transported via Captain Nemo's extraordinary submarine, the Nautilus, to the frontline of defense: Venice, Italy.

There, a masked madman known as the Fantom plans to sabotage a conference of world leaders by setting off a domino chain of explosions, sinking the entire city. The threat is catastrophic, the risks are staggering. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has 9 hours to save the world.

Based on the acclaimed comic books by Alan Moore ("From Hell") and Kevin O'Neill, the film is directed by Stephen Norrington ("Blade") from a screenplay by James Dale Robinson. Don Murphy ("From Hell", "Natural Born Killers") and Trevor Albert ("Groundhog Day", "Bedazzled") are the producers, and Sean Connery and Mark Gordon ("Saving Private Ryan") are executive producers. The co-producer is Michael Nelson. Principal photography on the 20-week shoot occurred almost entirely in Prague, with additional shooting in Malta and Los Angeles.

Runtime: 1 hr 52 mins

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! .. Mina Harker


To the Death-League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Deleted Scene)

"Join me in London. Give in to your demons and we'll be a league of two..." Addtional dialogue from the fight scene between Mina and Dorian.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

clips about the strips- Alan Moore talks - 03 - League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemensee also Alan Moores channel on youtube

Norrington Submits Crow Script after the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen debacle

Casting is the next priority

Norrington Submits Crow ScriptBy Owen Williams found at 22 October 2009

Stephen Norrington, the director that kicked off the Blade franchise and caused Sir Sean Connery to retire after the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen debacle, has submitted a well-received draft script for his new Crow film, according to an anonymous source at Mania.

 Norrington is prepping the film for Relativity Media (The Wolfman, MacGruber) and has promised an "almost documentary style" to differentiate the reboot from the fantastical gothic original. 

A "new character and storyline" are promised, so this isn't a remake per se, staving off the problem of having to exactly replace the iconic Brandon Lee, who was famously, tragically killed just before filming finished on The Crow 1.

But Norrington's Crow will have to work hard to avoid the pitfalls of the rest of the series, which staggered with City of Angels, reeled with Salvation, and finally collapsed choking to the floor and expired with Wicked Prayer. We won't even mention the TV series. Oh, wait...

All previous attempts to replicate the success of The Crow have fallen foul of what is a very limited formula: goth'd up zombie asskicker returns from dead for revenge, with a stonking alt-rock soundtrack. Even repeating Brandon Lee's look is problematic, since Eric Draven painted on the smile out of grief, bitterness and pure sarcasm, and it's not at all clear why his successors did the same. We're thinking the formula could be tweaked (Salvation toyed with whodunnit; it could work as a Western a la High Plains Drifter; it could be retooled as something a bit weird and existential like Point Blank) but we're struggling to imagine how it can be made really different. Any ideas?

And while you're about it, Mania reports that the project is moving forward quickly and the producers are now looking at casting. Who are you putting in the leather pants?

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