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waterproof mp3 3.97 
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free music download 2.77 
mp3 players 2.62 
new music 2.57 
yahoo music 2.55 
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creative labs mp3 2.51 
nomad mp3 2.49 
mp3 cd walkman 2.49 
128 mb mp3 player 2.46 
mix mp3 2.43 
mb mp3 2.42 
portable mp3 2.40 
muvo mp3 2.38 
free music downloads 2.36 
zen mp3 2.31 
music downloads 2.29 
mp3 jukebox 2.27 
mp3 audio 2.23 
mp3 cd players 2.15 
mp3 player 2.14 

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found at 19/7/2006

The average price that advertisers bid for search keywords fell in the second quarter, continuing an ongoing trend, according to Fathom Online's Keyword Price Index.

The average keyword price dropped to $1.27 in the second quarter - down 8.6 percent from $1.39 at the end of March, and down 11.1 percent from $1.43 at the end of 2005, Fathom Online reported (via MediaPost). At the end of 2Q05, the average keyword price was $1.72. Fathom does not include proper names and brand names in its index.

"The search advertising market continues to expand in robust fashion, but individual keyword's bids fluctuate each day," said Matt McMahon, VP of marketing services at "Advertisers are now using marketing analytics tools to make smarter advertising spending decisions."

In some categories, keyword bids spiked dramatically, including the following: "career training" increased 286%; consumer electronics keywords "mp3 players" and "camcorders" increased as much as 225%; words such as "DSL," "ISP" and "security" increased 50-80%; "student loan consolidation" increased 40%.



music store 2.09 
mp3 dj 1.98 
iriver mp3 player 1.94 
mp3 1.91 
sandisk mp3 player 1.89 
music videos 1.81 
rap music 1.81 
buy mp3 player 1.80 
mp3 music downloads 1.79 
mp3 remix 1.77 
personal mp3 player 1.74 
sansa mp3 1.73 
music online 1.71 
sandisk mp3 1.70 
mp3 player recorder 1.65 
free mp3 music 1.61 
music 1.56 
d link mp3 1.56 
christmas songs 1.52 
music mp3 1.52 
samsung mp3 players 1.50 
music com 1.47 
free music 1.46 
mp3 recorder 1.45 
mini mp3 player 1.42 
samsung mp3 1.37 
mp3 downloads 1.36 
free mp3 downloads 1.35 
mp3 playlist 1.35 
wireless mp3 1.34 
rca mp3 1.34 
rca lyra mp3 1.31 
phillips mp3 player 1.30 
cheap mp3 players 1.27 
classical music 1.27 
ipaq mp3 player 1.27 
sports mp3 player 1.26 
mp3 albums 1.24 
house mp3 1.24 
music player 1.23 
music box 1.23 
flash mp3 player 1.23 
holiday music 1.23 
mp3 car radio 1.22 
mp3 home stereo 1.21 
mp3 car stereo 1.21 
rock music 1.19 
best mp3 player 1.17 
free mp3 download 1.15 
car audio 1.14 
mp3 usb stick 1.08 
mp3 com 1.06 
mp3 album 1.05 
mp3 ringtone 1.03 
mac mp3 1.01 
wma to mp3 converter 1.00 

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