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Jessica Alba Dark Angel stopped by fox

The big "Why"


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Jessica Alba in Dark AngelItís probably what you all have already asked yourselves a couple of times
Why was Dark Angel suppressed?
Why didnít Fox give a correct statement up to now?
Why doesnít another broadcasting station simply shoot a continuation?
Why is the "end", actually, not an end?
Why has VOX never said anything about it?
Why do I fight and believe in a continuation?

Why was Dark Angel suppressed ?

Itís probably a question that is often asked. Here are the most different answers and speculations.
What was the real reason, probably nobody knows out of Fox naturally.
And they donít say it; if they are honest the answer should probably be displayed.

Dark Angel was not suppressed because of a lack of ratings. Itís certainly right that the second season had lower ratings then the first one.
However, this is why FOX modified the broadcasting time. The second season was broadcasted on Friday evenings. The target group for Dark Angel was naturally not always at
FOX has guaranteed that; why donít they sound spectatorís opinion and statistics?
Also Dark Angel was too expensive; this is rather a "cheap" excuse. Certainly there was no series where we could indicate a favorable price. But money has never been a problem for the giant TV like Fox.

It was rather because the broadcasting time was changed and I donít think it was a mistake or that it was accidentally made.

One finds the reason of the revocation in politics. The government had something against the influence of the series. Why; itís evident. The series shows USA like a country who has reached the end; the only reasons are at the end because a terrorism notice was committed.
In other words the powerful USA was forced by terrorists in the knee. They had become a country of the ďthird worldĒ. That just didnít suit the head leaders of the USA.
Also the series had to go and FOX as a wise American "listened".
Therefore the broadcasting became very good with the knowledge that the quotas will sink. And then one would have what he wanted, an explanation for that from the series.

jessica alba swimHowever Jessica Alba is of the same opinion; she once did in an interview an announcement saying she supports my thesis here.

Why didnít Fox give a "correct" statement up to now?

With a ďcorrectĒ statement, I think thereís a true explanation.
Indeed this doesnít consider Fox as a good thing; they clearly think that someday they will say to themselves thatís it! One day there are fewer fans and one day it is quiet. So why give an explanation where one would still have to lie.
Because the statement ďpolitics wanted thatĒ would not bump into the USA and into the rest of the world just for the comprehension.
Very briefly they want it to be dead in keeping silence.

In addition I say ďFox is not with us, we donít forget and we donít give upĒ.
Why doesnít another broadcasting station simply shoot a continuation ?

This is again very simply answered.
Itís not a lack of interest, but itís simply because Fox has all the exclusives rights.
And they donít want to give them away. Either because they donít want that another broadcasting station celebrates a success if the series is continued, or also because Iím on the right track with my first answer.
The fact is that anyway the rights are with Fox und therefore no other broadcasting station can shoot a continuation.

Why was the end, actually, not an end ?

Great question and I prefer the answer to it.
Because there wasnít an end.
When the ďlastĒ episode was broadcasted, one had already finished the scenario for the third season. The actors stood up ďthe gun at the footĒ; all were going to go on with this.
Therefore the real end was never shown because it was never shot.
And thatís exactly why the end known to us has been stopped with so many questions.
Why has VOX never said anything about it ?

Now I wouldnít like to rush at VOX, and say if you would have done what you had to do then there would still be Dark Angel.
I donít know whether it would have brought something, but I know that VOX didnít do anything.
And I condemn them for this; maybe it wouldnít have brought anything, maybe, but still. Nevertheless they had a dream of ratings with Dark Angel, and they owe this to us and to nobody else.
Why did VOX say something now about the revocation, I can only point out that there was simply no interest. The series was suppressed and it was not interesting anymore.

Why do I fight and believe in a continuation ?

Actually, the question should be "why do we fight and believe".
But I can only speak for myself.
I fight for a continuation because, for me, Dark Angel was the best series of all the time and it still is and it will always be.
I find that itís an injustice that Dark Angel was simply suppressed.
Unfair to the fans, but also unfair to the actors. FOX has threatened everybody like mud and one doesnít do this. The series still has a mixed potential, it could still become something without shooting more seasons; without that it would also become a bit boring.

But even if thereís only one more season, every open question could at least still be answered. And Dark Angel would have an end that it has earned. A concluding end without any questions....

If I should say something now, I would be satisfied if they would still release a season.
Then I would lie when I say it is fine for me if they could still shoot 20 seasons after that.
But there would at least be a conclusion if the season is released; I could live with that, thinking Dark Angel will not be shot anymore.

But it can be like this now and I donít want to accept that.
Why must we suffer because someone has a problem with the series?
Now some people say again, ďpeople itís only a TV series, it isnít the reality.
Why do you say this to me? Who had a problem with the USAís broadcasting?
And who couldnít distinguish a TV series and reality?

For me Dark Angel is more than only a TV series.
It is a piece of me, and with the revocation a piece of me died with it.
And? Why does someone have a problem with that?
What gives these persons the right to judge us? And to call us crank or mad.
They say we live in a TV series and they are realists.
Realists? Or simply people who are too weak to answer for something in what they believe?
For me such people are not realistic, but pessimistic.
The ones who always accept everything and never say or do anything against it are not realists for me, but ďyes personsĒ and cowards.
And why should I be judged by such persons?
No thanks, but this is not necessary for me. I was never like that and will never be.

And when Iím a little bit crazy, that should be the case, I am as I am.

I firmly believe in other episodes, it must simply go on. Which series had so many fans 3 years after the revocation?
And there are always more fans; this completely shows that Dark Angel is not any series.

And I also believe that Jessica Alba and co. will again take part in it.
Even if Jessi shot motion pictures while waiting, I donít think she has forgotten why she became so famous.
And I donít think that one can so simply forget this

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Most women only have one chance to get their dream wedding done right. Jessica Alba will have four chances in just one year! The former Dark Angel star will appear in four different movies this year in which she gets married.

The Sin City star says: ďIím getting pretty good at the whole wedding thing. I seem to be getting married a lot this year. The best one for me is in Fantastic Four 2.Ē

She added: ďItís on the top of a building and although it was freezing up there, it was the closest to my own dream wedding.Ē

Her other bridal movies include Bill, Good Luck Chuck, and Awake.

Jessica, 25, was previously engaged to ĎDark Angelí co-star Michael Weatherly, and is now dating movie producer Cash Warren.

Alba also revealed that she is baby-minded.

ďIím really girly when it comes to kids. Iíve been surrounded by children my whole life because Iím the oldest of 15 cousins ó Iíve been changing diapers since I was six. I want to have a couple, for sure.Ē


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