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girl gone wildfound at news:- When Bram Cohen was testing the BitTorrent protocol back in 2002, he used free porn to lure people into using BitTorrent. Five years later BitTorrent turned into a commercial venture, and it now charges their customers for downloading soft-porn clips of drunk teens showing off body parts. Times have changed.

Two weeks from now the BitTorrent entertainment network will expand their soft-prn section with videos from Mantra Films.

Mantra Films produces the well known 'Girls Gone Wild' videos, and the less known 'Guys Gone Wild' series. The concept "Girls Gone Wild" is easy, girls show their bits, and get a t-shirt or a necklace as a reward.

Mantra Films recently decided to expand their market beyond the US, and will open up their market worldwide. It is all about making the product available to as much people as possible. Mantra Film CEO Joe Francis, who was accused of raping and supplying alcohol to minors in a LA Times article last year said about these global expansion plans:

"Once again, we've proven that America's most valuable export is our pretty girls."

Mantra Films COO Scott Barbour said that the "Girls Gone Wild" videos will cost $9.99, and that they will be download to own. It is not sure if BitTorrent Inc will also add the 'Guys Gone Wild' series to their catalogue.