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Funny woman 3 min - May 8, 2007

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Jessica Simpson  funny intelectual womanphoto Morris Garon at

She can be my mechanic any day

Funny woman

UP-AND-COMING stand-up comics will be appearing at a regular comedy night at Carey's, in Hertford Place, Butts, Coventry.

And on Wednesday, July 18 there will be five comedians for the price of four, with award-winning Debra Jane Appleby doing a 10-minute set.

Debra was the winner of the Leicester Festival Comedian of the Year and winner of the Funny Women competition.

Carey's owner Tony Carey said: "It's always nice to hear fresh new talent."

Also appearing will be Eddy Bramson, Liam Mullone, Milo McCabe as Phil Berto and Kevin Sutherland.

Hertford Place
The Butts

Anthony Miller and Debra Jane Appleby in a Brief funny Encounter (although Anthony is not wearing any). 

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Funny Short Film - Man, Woman & Pie!

A funny short film featuring Singapore comedy magician Kiki Tay! A romantic love story gone wrong! Produced by award winning BLK A Pictures! &


Lonely Hearts clip:

A short film by four A-Level Media Studies students as their final year project.

A man places a romantic lonely hearts ad "Likes country walks & ballroom dancing". A young lady replies and they go on what seems like the perfect date... ends not funny


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