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Dave Navarro's Other Woman Wants A Meeting With Carmen Electra

The actress who had a Las Vegas, Nevada fling with Dave Navarro film  clips while he was married to Carmen Electra is hoping she still gets the chance to meet the actress on the set of her new movie. 

 Sexy Jenae Alt claims she stunned the horny rocker in his suite at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino when she revealed she was set to appear in his then-wife's next movie Beyond Legend: Johnny Kakota. 
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carmen electraIt was her respect for Electra that stopped her from bedding Navarro - and now she wants to meet the actress face to face to explain herself after selling her kiss-and-tell revelations to the US tabloids. 

Alt says, "Would I have slept with him if he wasn't married? Yes. But the only reason I stopped myself from sleeping with him was I didn't want to be the woman who slept with Carmen's husband. I really respect Carmen, I love Carmen and I just said, 'You know what, if any man is gonna cheat on Carmen Electra, why would I even want to be with that man, because I would always be looking over my shoulder.' If I get the chance to work with Carmen, I'll tell her, 'The only reason I didn't (sleep with Navarro) is because I respect you. I still thought about you and said I can't do it.'" 

The all-star film about a Native American legend also features Gena Lee Nolin, Brooke Burns and David Carradine.

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Carmen Electra, was born on the 20th of April, 1972 in Sharonville, Ohio U.S.A. This former "Baywatch" star has been very busy with her Aerobic Striptease line of fitness DVDs. But she has found the time to also appear in probably more movies than any of her other Baywatch co-stars including Pamela Anderson. Some of her top 10 movies include Get Over it! wih Kirsten Dunst and My Boss's Daughter with Tara Reid. Her most recent movie is Cheaper By The Dozen 2 with Hilary Duff. Carmen Electra is currently married to Dave Navarro of the band Jane's Addiction.

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Las Vegas, NV (found at AHN) - Maybe she can't get a ride to Vegas, but whatever the reason Nicole Richie has pulled out of hosting a New Years Eve event.

The socialite and DUI recipient was to appear at a party at Sin City's Tangerine night club but has pulled out without reason.

Maybe she got a better offer? BFF Paris Hilton is rumored to be ringing in 2007 Down Under in Sydney.

But the pint sized party girl has been replaced by Carmen Electra's estranged husband, make-up wearing rocker Dave Navarro.

Steve Davidovici, a spokesperson for Pure Management Group who are running the event, said, "We love Nicole, and we wish her the best. We hope to bring her back in the future."

Richie was seen over the weekend getting back to the partying lifestyle despite her troubles with the law. However, lucky for motorists on the freeway, she did not drive.

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12 DECEMBER 2006

She may be best known as feisty Albert Square resident Zoe Slater in EastEnders, but Michelle Ryan proved she's left her market stall past well behind her as she stepped out at a glamorous charity gala.

Turning heads in a figure-hugging black dress with white satin detailing, the 22-year-old actress looked every inch a starlet at the La Dolce Vita ball in London's Old Billingsgate Market.

Since leaving Albert Square, Michelle has been making waves on the silver screen, as well as furthering her TV career. The Enfield-born actress stars alongside Emilia Fox in the forthcoming romantic comedy Cashback, and has just completed filming Carmen Electra's latest flick I Want Candy. The actress is also set to take a turn alongside Billie Piper in period drama Mansfield Park, due to hit our screens early next year.

Michelle was joined at the fashionable soiree by glamorous lingerie designer and businesswoman Caprice and stunning model Sophie Anderton, who set flashbulbs popping in a plunging scarlet gown. The 29-year-old model is currently fronting La Senza's Christmas underwear range.Model and businesswoman 

Caprice was as striking as ever in a slinky black gown

Sophie turned up the heat in this glamorous red number

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Sophisticated in a classic monochrome dress, Michelle dressed to impress at the charity gala

Teens dance like Carmen Electra, adults frown

THE SCENE: Club Platinum stages Sunday night dances inspired by Carmen Electra for high school students at Bravo Mexican Grill in Anaheim.


Booty shorts, stripper poles and bellybutton rings are mainstays at one local teen dance club

ANAHEIM Three young girls in black stiletto heels, halter tops and tight pants climb onto a wooden platform and dance suggestively around a metal pole as strobe lights shimmer and cameras flash.

A teenager on the dance floor poses, sticking out her bottom and pretending to slap it.

Others shake their hips to the hip-hop beat in lines, in human sandwiches or with their backsides snug up against young men's gyrating groins.

This is Club Platinum, an Orange County dance club for high school students that for three years has drawn teens to venues in different cities. Web site promotions tout stripper poles, booty shorts, bellybutton rings and the slogan, "What happens at Platinum stays at Platinum."

The club has pitted parents who are outraged about online pictures of scantily clad dancers against youths who say their sexually charged dancing and the club that promotes it are simply statements of the times.

Some parents say they thought their children were just going to dance. Then they looked at the club's Web site, where photos and videos of girls in booty shorts essentially short shorts or underwear and low-cut tops are posted for all to see.

"When I saw the Web site I was shocked," said Yana Kennedy, a Huntington Beach mother and child-abuse attorney. She also questioned how club promoters can put photos of minors online without parental consent.

"Parents need to know that this is not just some nice alcohol-free dance club for teens, but a 'Girls Gone Wild,' stripper training for teens."

Nicole Sanger, 16, defends the dance style and club.

"This is dancing nowadays," said Sanger, taking a break from dancing with her friends at the club recently. "We are not in the '50s anymore."

Club Platinum promoter Scott Martin Leotti says his business is all legal. He provides an alcohol-free venue with tight security. By entering the club, he says, young people grant permission for their pictures to be used for promotion. He'll take down any photo on request.

"The concerns we have are all moral issues. It's everyone's own opinion," Leotti said. "If parents have problems, then don't bring your kids here."

Leotti, a 23-year-old Fullerton College student, started his business three years ago and runs it from the Rowland Heights home he shares with his parents.

He rents space from local clubs and restaurants for the parties. His Web site,, shows posters dating to July 2004 inviting young people to Westminster for "booty short contests" and "striper poles (sic) & go-go cages."

Some say young people's sexualized dancing is harmless and a direct reflection of popular culture as seen on MTV and VH1 and in videos such as Carmen Electra's "aerobic striptease."

Hundreds of women some with their daughters take exotic-dance classes each week at the Newport Beach dance studio From Mind to Body.

"Women want to feel sexy. They want to feel good about their bodies," studio owner Edith Aboul-hosn said. "I don't think there is any danger."

Judith Lynne Hanna, a University of Maryland senior scholar and author of "Dance, Sex and Gender," compared current concerns to earlier dismay with the twist, the waltz or Elvis Presley.

"Each generation wants to do its own thing, and the earlier generation is askance at it," she said. "I think the context of American society now shows so much sexuality, it is not even sexual for a lot of the kids. They are just dancing."

Aliso Niguel High School Principal Charles Salter disagrees. He canceled school dances in September after watching his students "freaking" at the back-to-school dance.

"Why do girls have to have themselves so exposed?" Salter wrote in September. "Why do they allow the boys (to) dance (and rub) up against them?

"This can happen no more. We need to slow this train down."

Dances were reinstated last week after a code of conduct and dress was devised.

Jill Murray, a Laguna Niguel psychotherapist who specializes in dating violence, said she worries about the security of girls at a dance club like Platinum.

"It is potentially a great place for pedophiles," said Murray. "I don't have a warm and fuzzy place in my heart for the parents who allow their boys or girls to go to this club. You cannot expect a 16-year-old guy to dance like that and not get aroused. It is sex with clothes on."

Corey Moore, 17, of Lakewood attended club events in Newport Beach over the summer until his parents objected.

"It's the new fad," he said of the dancing. "The '70s had their thing; the '80s had their thing. It's our generation. It's the way they dance. (Club Platinum) is basically a dance people doing good stuff and people doing bad stuff just like everywhere."

His mother, Dori Moore, became suspicious when her son and his friends started to obsess about the dance club.

She looked at the Web site and talked to female students who confirmed her concerns: Girls were showing up in jeans and handed panties at the door.

"The whole scene sounded terrible," Moore said. "I didn't raise my son to be doing things like that."

As the popularity of the club grew over the summer, so did complaints from parents.

The state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, notified about the dance club at Hogue Barmichaels in Newport Beach, informed the restaurant that it was violating its state license by subleasing to an outside promoter.

The club also held events at The Boogie in Anaheim until the establishment closed for unrelated problems, including a lost liquor license.

In October, Club Platinum advertised a move to Quan's Rockin Sushi in Orange. Police, concerned about the safety of minors, tried to persuade the restaurant not to host the event.

The night of the party, police cited the restaurant for violating its city permit, which also bans outside promoters.

Police told Leotti they didn't like what they saw.

"I think what is going on inside there would shock the public conscience," said Jeff Bird, sergeant of the Police Department's narcotics and vice unit.

"You have young girls that are essentially wearing nothing," Bird said. "You don't know if you have a sexual predator in there with them. I was seeing older people that shouldn't be around younger girls."

Leotti is trying to revive his club in a new location, the Bravo Mexican Grill in Anaheim, from 5 to 9 p.m. on Sundays.

Anaheim police say they have had no problems at the site, which opened last month.

Club organizers only allow in youths with high school IDs, Leotti said. Parents who want to see what's going on may enter without paying.

Leotti's parents, Debbie and Frank Leotti, help keep the party running smoothly.

"If it looks like things get too steamy, one of the security guards comes up," said Debbie Leotti, who takes the $12 entry fee from each guest. "The kids are having fun. It's a safe environment."

On a recent Sunday night, 16-year-old girls from Lakewood danced, talked and laughed with one another. They said the club is safer than a private party, where alcohol and drugs may be readily available.

They said if their style of dance looks like simulated sex, it's still just dancing. "If people are going to have sex, they will," said Cynthia, 16.

Nicole Sanger said the club can't be blamed for what girls wear.

It's their choice.

Teresa Sanger, Nicole's mother, said later that she trusts her daughter to stay out of trouble. She's OK with the club.

"I would hope my daughter does not get up on the stripper poles," said Sanger, 45. "They just dance it's like a hall and then they come home. It's not late. I've dropped her off before. I don't see it's a big problem."

Tonight promoters are offering "Free Florescent (sic) Booty Shorts to First 50 Ladies!!!!"

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