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Black friday deals. & Amazon Black Friday 2011 deals  Black friday deals.

As every year thousands of people flock for Black Friday Walmart deals and other shops for the best black friday ads and deals they can find. In this black friday rush video (no violence) you see the news release of 24 November 2007 about Black friday. For good deals and Unique Christmas gifts ideas please visit this site black friday deals  "black firday" "black friday deals" "black friday walmart" "black friday violence" "black friday rush" black friday deals Nov 20, 2011

Shop Black Friday Deals Early and Online

A local company says similar Black Friday deals are often found online and before the annual event.

by Phil Levin Nov 20, 2011 found at

A local company says similar Black Friday deals are often found online and before the annual event.

Fat Wallet is a product deal aggregation website based in Beloit. This time of year staff post the Black Friday retail ads and search the web for the best deals.

"What most consumers don't know is that they can get the same or similar deals by going to the dot coms of those same brick and mortar stores," said Fat Wallet's Ryan Washatka.

He's found besides not having to leave home on Black Friday, many of the best bargains are also available both before and after the event. Retails are stretching the discounts into an entire season.

Because of the popularity of tablet devices like the Nook, Kindle, and iPad 2, Washatka says laptop prices have plummeted. Devices with 15'' screens can be found as cheap as $300.

They say discounted HDTV's are also available as well as video games for as much as half off.

Among dozens of competitors, traffic rankings show the Beloit-based company Fat Wallet is one of the most popular Black Friday deal websites. Fat Wallet staff comb through the ads and itemize the inventory by price making it easier for its audience to browse for the products they are looking to buy.

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