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Antonelli BarbaMarch 15, 2007 found at

Will Antonelli Barba Be the First Idol to Pose Nude?

Antonelli Barba may not have been America’s top pick as the next “American Idol”, but it seems two adult entertainment tycoons are big fans reports Star Magazine! Hugh Hefner may give her an opportunity to pose for Playboy for at least $50,000, and Joe Francis is willing to pay her $250,000 to be the ongoing host of Girls Gone Wild. “I think she is the quintessential Girl Gone Wild. We have talked to her representation and so far, so good!”

Meanwhile, in a chat with People Magazine, Antonelli Barba talks about her sexy pictures.
How hard was it to deal with all the controversy that was going on around you when you were on the show?
It was definitely difficult and it wasn't how I intended things to go, but I tried to block it out as much as possible and stay focused on the competition. All that other stuff was completely irrelevant to the fact that I'm here to sing.

Were you approached to pose in Playboy?

I heard about it but I was never approached.

Would you do it?

No. Right now I want to look at all the offers I get and sort out what's best for me right now. I'm definitely not opposed to acting or modeling or something. I would definitely do pop music, but I would add my style to it – you know, a little R&B-ish pop music, maybe bluesy, jazzy.

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antonella barba pics

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