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All-American Rejects Perform at Hard Rock Live Orlando

found at September 19, 2007 

All-American Rejects performed at Hard Rock Live Orlando on September 15, 2007, as part of the Hard Rock's Ambassadors of Rock (AOR) Tour and Pepsi Smash Live. The group, Chris Gaylor (drums/percussion), Tyson Ritter (lead vocals/bass), Mike Kennerty (guitar/vocals) and Nick Wheeler (guitar/vocals), performed tracks from their Platinum hit album, Move Along. Hard Rock's AOR Tour has, or will, contribute to rock diplomacy in Chicago, New York, Orlando, Hollywood (Florida), London, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Caracas.

Rock group All-American Rejects pose backstage at Hard Rock Live Orlando, Saturday, September 15, with three guitars that the band donated to Hard Rock’s memorabilia collection. All-American Rejects performed that evening, as part of Hard Rock’s Ambassadors of Rock concert tour and Pepsi Smash Live. L-R: Chris Gaylor, Tyson Ritter, Mike Kennerty, and Nick Wheeler. Photo credit: Hard Rock / Dan Higgins.

Nick Wheeler (left) and Tyson Ritter (right) of All-American Rejects rock the stage at Hard Rock Live Orlando, Saturday, September 15, as part of Hard Rock’s Ambassadors of Rock concert tour and Pepsi Smash Live. Photo credit: Hard Rock / Dan Higgins

Singer/bassist Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects rocks the stage at Hard Rock Live Orlando, Saturday, September 15, as part of Hard Rock’s Ambassadors of Rock concert tour and Pepsi Smash Live. Photo credit: Hard Rock / Dan Higgins

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All-American Rejects

Posted: Dec. 14, 2006 - Jon M. Gilbertson found at

7 Friday, The Rave, 2401 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee $24 at the box office, (414) 276-4545

While the All-American Rejects are just shy of absolute ubiquity right now, they formed in relative obscurity more than half a decade ago in the Oklahoma town of Stillwater. Lead singer and bassist Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler supposedly met at a high school party and thereafter established a band that, by 2002, managed to release a self-titled debut album.

That album was reissued the following year on a major label, and the quartet's follow-up, 2005's "Move Along," has nestled into the top 10 on the basis of its absolutely mainstream-ready, pop-sweetened rock. Ritter's all-American-boy looks don't hurt either; popular ear and eye candy are expected components of any Rejects live set.

Motion City Soundtrack, The Format and Boys Like Girls also are part of the KISSmas Bash show in The Rave's Eagles Ballroom.


Posted December 13, 2006

Move Along All American rejects - Click to Buy at Amazon musicAll-American Rejects keep moving along

By Alan Sculley Found at  The Post-Crescent

Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler of the All-American Rejects went to work on the band’s second CD, “Move Along,” figuring to follow the same game plan they used on the group’s 2002 self-titled first CD.

They’d write a dozen songs, record them and the record label would put the CD out.

Now, singer/bassist Ritter, guitarist Wheeler and bandmates Mike Kennerty (guitar) and Chris Gaylor (drums) know all too well that things are different when a band is on a major label and its first CD has been a million-selling hit.

“We had a half dozen songs, wrote a half dozen more and made an album,” Wheeler said, referring to the first CD in a recent phone interview. “It was on a small indie label (Doghouse Records). They were just excited to have it and vise-versa and we just wanted to get a record out there.”

Instead, Interscope Records had other ideas when Ritter and Wheeler submitted a demo of a dozen songs they envisioned as the second All-American Rejects CD. (That label absorbed DreamWorks Records, which acquired the first CD from Doghouse, re-released it and then saw it sell more than a million copies behind the hit single “Swing, Swing.”)

A less-than-impressed Interscope told Ritter and Wheeler to go back to work and write more songs, noting that while the first demo had a few songs that were contenders, they weren’t really even close to having a full album’s worth of keeper tunes.

Wheeler, in the interview, put a good face on what, in his words, became a “long and arduous” process. He credited the group’s A&R representative at Interscope, Jeff Sosnow, with looking out for the band and its best interests, and guiding the band through what became a year-long process of writing the “Move Along” CD.

Other articles, especially a December 2005 Alternative Press magazine cover story, haven’t painted such a positive picture. That article described a drawn-out and difficult process that tested the band’s self-confidence, as Ritter and Wheeler struggled to come up with an album Interscope would deem acceptable. They worried that the label might even drop the band before getting to record a second album.

Although the Alternative Press article suggested that Tyson and Wheeler were deeply concerned by Interscope’s mixed review of the first batch of songs, Wheeler, in this interview, said the label’s response helped the group realize the importance of the second album. A failed second album could get the All-American Rejects labeled as one-hit wonders and kill any momentum the first CD generated.

“We were like, all right, cool,” Wheeler said. “We’re on a bigger label now. We’ve really got to impress these people. Let’s keep writing. So we kept writing.”

The process of writing “Move Along” began innocently enough, as Ritter and Wheeler rented apartments in Destin, Fla., in winter 2004 and wrote and demoed the first dozen songs. But then came Interscope’s instructions to keep writing. As summer wound down, Ritter and Wheeler opted for a change of scenery and set up a rehearsal space in Atlanta. There, they continued to write and on occasion brought in Kennerty and Gaylor to flesh out and demo songs.

With Sosnow flying to Atlanta every other week or so to check the band’s progress, the All-American Rejects finished the writing/demoing process. In early 2005 the band went into the studio with producer Howard Benson to record “Move Along.”

Now that it’s been more than a year after the CD arrived in stores, it’s clear that everything the All-American Rejects went through in making “Move Along” has been worth it.

The CD is nearing 1.5 million copies sold in the United States and has generated two multiformat hits. “Dirty Little Secret” went top 10 on Billboard’s singles chart, and “Move Along” reached 15 on that same chart.

The success of “Move Along” shouldn’t be surprising. The CD stays true to the catchy guitar pop sound of the debut, but with better songs top to bottom and an extra jolt of energy. Much of the extra juice comes courtesy of Gaylor and his drums. He and Kennerty didn’t join the All-American Rejects until after the first CD was recorded. Up to then, the group was Ritter and Wheeler, who began working together in 1999 in Stillwater, Okla. They recorded the first CD themselves, using a mix of programmed drums, loops and live drums because there was no full band in place.

Even with the full band recording “Move Along,” Wheeler said the band sounds bigger and bolder on stage.

“It’s more of a rock album, that’s for sure,” he said of “Move Along.” “(But) the live show is raw and it’s real and it’s four humans up there playing. There are no studio tricks or anything. You get what you see.”

Alan Sculley

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