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Coen Brothers Film Wins Top Prize at Screen Actors Guild Awards

29 January 2008

No Country for Old MenThe film No Country for Old Men won the top prize at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles Sunday, becoming the front-runner for the Oscars in February.

No Country, directed by Ethan and Joel Coen, took the award for best ensemble cast. The film also won the Directors Guild Award on Saturday and has eight Oscar nominations.

Julie Christie, 66, won best actress in a feature film for her portrayal of a woman losing her battle with Alzheimer's in Away From Her.


Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson in 'There Will Be Blood'
Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson in 'There Will Be Blood'

The best actor award went to British actor Daniel Day-Lewis for his role as a greedy oilman in There Will Be Blood.  Day-Lewis dedicated his trophy to Heath Ledger. 


The 28-year-old Hollywood star is best known for his portrayal of a reluctant gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain.  He was found dead in his New York apartment last week.

Charlie Rose - There Will be Blood 


A Charlie Rose discussion about the film " THERE WILL BE BLOOD" with director Paul Thomas Anderson and actor Daniel-Day Lewis. The film is loosely adapted by Paul Thomas Anderson from the 1927 novel OIL! by Upton Sinclair. The movie centers on a character Daniel Plainview, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, who starts out as a simple silver miner, that happens upon oil in his silver efforts

The television drama series The Sopranos swept the TV honors, winning awards for best ensemble cast, best actor and best actress.

The Writers Guild of America allowed its members to write for the Screen Actors Guild show because the union has been a strong supporter of the writers during their three-month-long strike.

The union is demanding a greater share of the proceeds for its 10,000 members from sales of digital reproductions of television shows and films, as well as programs shown on the Internet and other digital outlets.

It is not clear whether a settlement will be reached before the Oscar awards ceremony scheduled for February 24.


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